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» Capture More Local Leads with Local SEO

Today, 46% of searchers on Google have a local intent… and over 70 percent of people who look for local businesses online are likely to visit a local store within a radius of 8 kilometers.
Get started with local SEO for garage door services by incorporating long-tail, local keywords in your web content.

Next, claim your Google My Business(GMB) listing. Optimize your GMB description with one or two keywords, but let the content flow naturally. You also want to include professional business images to add some visual appeal to your profile. For business legitimacy and SEO enhancement, keep your NAP information (name, address, and contact) consistent across all web platforms.

We highly recommend that you also claim and customize your business pages in other online directories like Yelp, Foursquare, Better Business Bureau(BBB), Angie’s List, and Nextdoor.

» Provide Value with Content Marketing

If you want to demonstrate your knowledge and grow your thought leadership and authority in your industry, start focusing more on content marketing.
Content marketing drives 3x as many leads as traditional marketing but surprisingly costs 62% less. On top of that, small businesses with blogs enjoy 126% more lead growth than competitors without blogs.
If you want to achieve meaningful results, create unique, understandable, descriptive, and search-engine-optimized content that provides value to your target market.
Use reliable keyword research tools to identify the best keywords and phrases that draw traffic to your website. And where it is essential to post content regularly, always focus more on content quality over quantity.

» Increase Engagements with Social Media Marketing

When dipping your toes into the waters of social media marketing for garage door services, first determine your objectives. Perhaps you want to create a brand identity or raise brand awareness. Or else, you might want to grow community engagement or drive more traffic to your website. All in all, your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Next, learn everything about your ideal customer/follower, including location, age, average income, job title/industry, interests, etc. Then post valuable content that these individuals will find interesting and helpful.

Never underestimate the importance of answering your follower’s questions or engaging them in a conversation. You create a stronger connection that takes you a step ahead in creating a loyal social community.

Finally, measure your social media marketing efforts with Analytics. You will want to know what is working or not, the kind of people engaging with your posts, the networks where your ideal customer frequent, and how your social media presence compares to your competition. You need this information to optimize your social media marketing efforts.

» Drive More Qualified Leads with PPC Advertising

To kick-start, your PPC campaign, use reliable keyword research tools to determine the right keywords. Look into details such as industry relevance, competition, and search volume. Focus more on the long-tail keywords (containing at least three words) that match your business offerings. On top of that, determine the negative keywords or non-converting phrases/words that should be excluded from your keyword list.

Next, structure your PPC account with ad groups- groups of ads targeted to a set of related keywords. For higher Quality Scores, create compelling ad copies, keep them closely related to the keywords in your ad groups and ensure they reflect the keyword’s intent.

Increase lead quality and quantity with landing pages distinguished by strong headlines, engaging content, and actionable call-to-actions(CTAs).

Continued performance tracking and reporting are critical for measuring performance and optimizing your ad campaigns.

» Impress and Build Trust with Fantastic Reviews

Ninety-five percent of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase or booking a service. Additionally, garage door repair businesses that receive one or two stars on review websites like Yelp and Google risk losing over 85% of their potential customers. This calls for garage door services to prioritize online reputation management.

Start reaching out to your past customers and request them to review your services. Always appreciate their extra effort to give you that four or five star. But always aim to offer five-star experiences worth five-star reviews.

Sometimes, a dissatisfied customer will give you a negative review. But remember, it takes only one negative review, whether genuine or malicious, to negatively impact your online reputation. Learn to mitigate the potential damage by handling the reviews professionally. Accept responsibility for the mistakes, be polite and professional, and work through the matter privately.

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