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As the gateway to the World Wide Web, Google has found itself lacking in its representation of diverse identities. Last October, it released ‘Real Tone’ technology for smartphone cameras, in hopes of portraying people of color in photos more accurately.

At its I/O conference on Wednesday, Google introduced its next resource for broader skin tone representation: a 10-point skin color scale it developed with Harvard professor and sociologist Dr Ellis Monk, whose specialty is in skin tone research and colorism. 

Called the Monk Skin Tone (MST) Scale, the model is envisaged to be a standardized resource to build products and test them across the skin tone spectrum. Google will now use this guide internally to weed out color bias in its AI technology, but it’s also sharing it with the world so the wider industry can join its mission for an inclusive future, as well.

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“Our goal is for the scale to support inclusive products and research across the industry—we see this as a chance to share, learn and evolve our work with the help of others,” explains Tulsee Doshi, Google Search’s Head of Product for Responsible AI and Product Inclusion.

With the 10-tone scale, it is hoped that designers and developers can more easily locate ranges of colors that their products aren’t adequately accommodating, and then make the relevant adjustments.

Google says that, in its research, participants in the US—especially individuals with darker complexions—have agreed that the Monk Skin Tone Scale more accurately depicts their skin tones than “the current tech industry standard.”

On Google’s end, it has incorporated the match system in Search so users can filter images to more suitably meet their needs. This is more applicable for beauty-related queries; right now, if you look up terms like “everyday eyeshadow” or “bridal makeup looks,” you’ll be able to refine results by skin tone.

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In the coming weeks, Google will also add new ‘Real Tone’ filters to the Google Photos apps for Android, iOS, and Web, which aim to bring more beautiful and precise depictions of diverse skin colors.

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