How Corona Virus is affecting digital marketing efforts for business.

As the Corona Virus is spreading all over the world, the whole world is facing major health crises and deaths while we haven’t been able to contain the virus yet. There have been complete lockdowns in some countries whilst some countries have implemented full curfews.

According to worldometer, as of now there are total 1,274,346 cases of people infected by the virus and total 69,470 people have died. WHO and the local governments have encouraged people to avoid large gatherings and to maintain social distancing.  People are usually told to work from home and avoid going out unless it’s essential.  Most of the major public events in all over the world have been cancelled.

The current pandemic has been affecting the economy as well and it’s safe to say we will face the economic crisis for a significant amount of time. A lot of companies are even laying off their employees as their businesses are suffering because of the crisis and they can’t afford to pay their employees.

Digital marketing is the best way to advertise a business now and even before the pandemic had hit us. As people have been staying indoors, there will be less marketing through the billboards and people will rely on digital marketing. Digital marketing could be a lot like the traditional advertising anyway, it’s just implemented through digital devices. 

Digital marketing happens to be one of the better performing business strategy and it works as a safeguard when it comes to the consequences of coronavirus. They are operating successfully with a bit less profit margin.  Now more people are indoors and using their electronics devices. Now is the best time to advertise through digital marketing. All the companies should start advertising through digital marketing. There are less meetings in person and people rely on their digital devices to communicate.

There was a new report conducted by GlobalWebIndex which shows changes in consumer behavior during the ongoing pandemic. There was a global survey of over 13,000 consumers, which was carried out from 16th-20th March of 2020, GlobalWebIndex discovered that 95% of the consumers are spending more time on the internet. There were 13 countries involved in this survey and this survey showed that 45% people are spending more time on the messaging services. 50% are watching more streaming services and 45% of the people are spending more time on social media. This shows that now is the great time for the digital marketing efforts.

All the E-commerce based companies could benefit a lot from the ongoing situation since people are going to be shopping from home a lot more instead of going to the market themselves. Most of the people are working from their homes during the ongoing crisis and they are more likely to stay home too. That means they will spend most of their time on their electronic devices while they are home and this would benefit the digital marketing industry.

There are many digital marketing companies in Australia in since it is a booming industry and C2M (Consult 2 Manage) is one of those companies. Consult 2 Manage is a one stop Digital Marketing Company and they deal in small to medium size businesses.

Talha Kamal, Content Marketing Manager of Consult 2 Manage stated, “This goes without saying that the most important factor of the COVID-19 outbreak is the health of the people all around the globe, but more people have been affected by the economic crisis than just the sick. Now is the time we should devote our efforts to salvage the digital marketing industry. Consult 2 Manage help businesses grow their online presence and become their support during the journey of growth. We are proficient leader in Search Engine Optimization, web design, e-commerce, website conversion, cloud hosting, and internet marketing services.”

Consult 2 Manage is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Australia. Their wide range of services include:

Even though Corona Virus or COVID-19 has affected a lot of businesses, now is the good time for a start-up or to market your business online. It’s a good time work on your strategy so that your business could survive and prosper.  We are witnessing a lot of businesses which are suffering because of the ongoing pandemic, but you can start a business from your home or you could start marketing your business online.

C2M provides variety of services which are mentioned above that could really help your business.  Consult 2 Manage has a vision of empowering your business with the tools and resources so that it’s growth become inevitable. Their dedicated and competent team will provide you optimal solutions for your digital needs. Now is the time that you can make your business growth inevitable if you switch towards marketing your business online.

You can also think about an online startup to fulfil your financial needs since it is a digital world and people rely a lot on their electronics devices for pretty much everything. If you want to start an online business and you need to market your videos, Consult 2 Manage’s dedicated team of Graphic designers can get your marketing videos ready. Either it is recorded video or character animated video their team will get the job done for you. They understand the market and can get quality service at your disposal. Their video service will get you a higher ROI.

If you need help to improve your social life with quality media releases and email marketing then you should give Consult 2 Manage a chance. They will get you the right audience with their out of box media and marketing packages so that you can relax in your home and leave everything up to them. 

To know more about Consult 2 Manage, you can visit their company profile at:

“Whether you are an established and running business or you are new in the industry, we can help you perfectly regarding all matters and we provide a detailed record for everything we do. C2M believes in your growth and has the ability optimization of businesses.”

Talha Kamal Sumra

Content Marketing Manager 

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