How digital marketing for estate agents helps sell houses

As an estate agent, you typically work on a commission-based earning system. For every house you sell, a portion of the fee is given to you. In essence, the more homes you sell, the more money you make – simple. 

This means you should explore all possibilities for increasing sales. You’ve tried a multitude of tactics, but have you considered digital marketing? Creating a bespoke digital marketing strategy will help you sell more houses than ever. 

This isn’t just some crazy claim that’s been plucked from thin air. There are some clear reasons digital marketing for estate agents is beneficial, and we’ll explain them all in the following guide. 

Increase your visibility

A traditional estate agent business model revolves around encouraging buyers to visit your brick and mortar store. Unfortunately, a recent study shows that only 9% of buyers do this. The same study indicates that 78% of buyers will begin their property search online in some way. 

Immediately, this demonstrates the need for an online presence. Digital marketing can help you build a platform that becomes highly visible. By utilising tactics like SEO, your property website will show up in the right search results. When potential buyers look for “houses for sale” you become one of the first sites they see. 

Without a good digital marketing strategy, you risk being invisible to the high percentage of buyers starting their journey online. 

Generate more leads

The knock-on effect of more visibility is that you can generate more leads. When more people see your website, they’re more inclined to click on it. A strong digital marketing campaign can direct more traffic to your site, meaning you have lots of interested parties that want to enquire about your properties. 

This isn’t just done via search engines: a good digital strategy will help you generate leads through display advertising and social media as well. 

Create more demand for your properties

Naturally, getting more eyes on your property listings will make it easier for you to sell houses. You should receive multiple enquiries every day as people find your listings and want to schedule visits. 

Furthermore, this does something very important: it creates more demand for your properties. With more interested parties, you can make it known that your properties are extremely popular. When potential buyers know that other buyers are interested, they’re more inclined to submit bigger bids, faster. Why? Because they don’t want to risk losing their dream home. 

Without any demand for a property, it’s hard to sell it. The longer a property is on the market, the harder it is to sell. People worry that there’s a problem with it if nobody has bought it yet. The key is listing properties and selling them as quickly as can be – a good digital strategy will do just that. 

Overall, digital marketing is crucial for estate agents. It makes your listings more visible, generating more leads and increasing the demand for your properties. The added interest from multiple parties means your houses are likely to sell a lot faster, helping you maximise your earnings. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact Distribute Digital Team today to see how digital marketing can help your estate agent business. 

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