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Businesses have been allocating as much as 57% of their total marketing budget to digital marketing activities as per a recent business study from Harvard. It proves that digital marketing services and the strategies made around them are spearheads in business marketing today. As more and more consumers ditch the traditional avenues of marketing in favor of digital channels to research and purchase products and services, corporations have begun utilizing digital marketing strategies, in order to reach a larger audience and promote their products and services more effectively.

However, the paradigm shift from traditional to digital marketing services isn’t merely enabled by consumer presence in cyberspace. There are a number of nuances that come into play when a business decides to take the lion’s share of its marketing strategies to the digital space.

“Digital Marketing Services – A Comprehensive Rundown”

Before we elaborate on how digital marketing services are giving businesses an edge over competitors, let’s have a rundown of their concept and functioning crystal clear.

Digital marketing services refer to the various techniques and tactics used to promote products, services or brands through the multitude of digital avenues available today.

These services include a number of online marketing tactics to reach out and engage with customers over digital platforms. Some of them are: – 

A purposeful and planned employment of these various digital marketing services contributes to the development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for a business to expand its customer base and gain greater exposure in the emergent digital marketplace.

Where does Digital Marketing Strategy edge out its Traditional counterpart?

At its core, a good marketing strategy is all about bridging the gap between businesses and customers to develop nuanced and long-term relationships. Traditional marketing posed a number of challenges in achieving these goals, primarily owing to its resource-heaviness and narrow scope of two-way interaction. Digital marketing strategy has proven its mettle in a highly dynamic and ever-changing business landscape. It has one-upped the traditional avenues of marketing in more ways than one, some of which are: –

1. Brand awareness for certain organizations has increased manifold upon employment of digital marketing services like online campaigns. Pizza brand Dominos, for instance, recorded a 10% increase in yearly sales and a 35x return on expenditure of advertising, owing to the success of its ‘Dom Juan’ chatbot-based digital campaign.

2. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing strategy has had a far greater scope of being adaptable according to the dynamic and non-ubiquitous needs of the modern-day market. From changing keywords according to real-time rankings to revamping entire social media campaigns based on audience reaction, digital marketing strategies have proven to be extremely versatile and resilient to changes.

3. Digital Marketing Services have transcended the boundaries of channels, becoming a highly multi-channel mode of marketing for businesses. Brands hence increase their exposure potential and target audiences across various segments. With the right digital marketing strategy, businesses undergo a threefold growth now, owing to the textual, auditory and visual marketing strategies across platforms which host one or more of these avenues together.

4. One of the biggest breakthroughs a good digital marketing strategy has brought for modern-day businesses is the vast potential to personalize marketing services for specific segments of customers by analyzing their behaviour and preferences through their prior online interactions, something which was unheard of in the pre-digital era.

5. Automation has brought about a great deal of convenience and scope for employment of a meticulous digital marketing strategy in businesses. Several digital marketing services like email marketing and social media can be automated through AI, allowing marketers to focus on other integral aspects of their campaign like customer impressions and user conversion rate.

6. Last, but not the least, a digital marketing strategy has its results measurable on various levels, to allow data-driven and well-researched marketing efforts for the business in future. This directly has an impact on the Return on Investment (ROI) of a business, with certain digital marketing services like email marketing having ROI as high as 4200 percent on average for a business. 

“Elevate your business with the correct Digital Marketing Strategy at Cliffex”

At the crux of it, digital marketing services are quite simple and straightforward with several of us using them already on a daily basis for personal usage. Emails, social media, blogs etc. are not a novelty anymore. However, to indulge these individual marketing elements into a cohesive whole and extract profitable results out of them is no easy feat. 

Digital marketing is ultimately still a form of marketing and requires not just technical know-how but meticulous psycho-social aptitude to know what the target audience wants, and staying ten steps forward in laying down plans of action to make profitable deals for a business to thrive and emerge as an expert in its field. 

At Cliffex, we don’t just possess hands-on experience with the technicalities of digital marketing strategies from social media marketing to pay-per-click advertising among other services, we track down what the audience wants. Our digital marketing services are tailored after heavy audience psycho-analysis, acting at the right pace and the right time to indulge in result-driven engagements with customers in new and innovative ways, which would fuel your business’ potential growth and assist it in emerging as an all-rounder in the market. 

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