How Frank Frausto Helped Set the Foundations of Digital Marketing

How Frank Frausto Helped Set the Foundations of Digital Marketing

The marketing world is always changing. The very idea of digital marketing was once new and strange to many companies, particularly after the dot-com bust. Back then, few online companies were hiring, and some in the tech business even thought the World Wide Web had been overhyped. In the early 2000s, Google was just a small startup, and nobody knew what the future would look like. Future-thinkers like Frank Frausto still felt a unique pull toward tech. It would become these kinds of ready innovators who defined what digital marketing would become. Frank Frausto felt inspired by the idea of digital marketing and fought his way into an entry-level position at Google during a competitive time. He started as a temp, one of the few offered full-time employment, and paid his dues doing email and phone support. He was determined to move up and see how far digital marketing could take him. “I saw early on that digital marketing was going to be a huge game-changer in the advertising world,” says Frank. “TV, print, and radio has been the standard for decades, but they’re slow, non-dynamic, and not trackable the way digital is.” Frank spent fifteen years at Google. He was one of their first AdWords Optimization Specialists, polishing Google Ads and helping define how the advertising platform would operate. Later, as one of the first members of their marketing sales team, he would cold call Fortune 1000 CEOs to talk them into making room in their budgets for digital marketing. Frank became one of the most experienced digital marketers at Google. A top expert in the industry, he eventually began traveling all over to train other companies’ marketing teams as part of the Google Partners Program. “I wanted to help companies transition from traditional to digital and then maximize their sales,” he says. In many ways, Frank was on the ground floor of digital marketing, helping to create the kind of marketing funnels that define the space today. In 2017, he left Google to start his own agency and to potentially work as the Chief Marketing Officer, fractional CMO, or a consultant for other companies. “I wanted to help not just with Google products, but to help with all social and paid ads platforms. I’ve had quite the career at Google and beyond, which has spanned the last twenty years.” He’s still one of the industry’s top experts in both implementing marketing strategies and training marketing teams. He’s overflowing with advice and lays out strategy points with the quick precision of an expert. “Too many people act on instincts, intuition, or hunches. This might have worked in the Mad Men days, but in 2024, you should be making more data-driven decisions,” he says. “You have to reach the customer at every stop on every platform in order to win the deal. You get past it by teaching a methodology that best-in-class companies are using to scale their brands. This is exactly what I did at Google and how I teach through stories and examples to my current clients.” Frank Frausto’s belief in the potential of digital marketing is stronger than ever, and today, he’s looking for new, innovative, and exciting companies that want to build or accelerate their marketing. What does he foresee himself doing in the next few years? “Essentially, taking everything I’ve learned to this point and helping scale the next ‘Google.’” Frank has been working in the digital marketing background since Google’s early days, helping to create the virtual environment of the current age. He’s already working to build the next big thing.

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