How GA4 Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing | Big Cat Agency

How GA4 Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing | Big Cat Agency

GA4’s custom reports let you view the metrics that matter most to your business. Like the fruit and veg we need to survive and thrive, read on for the five things you need to do:

If you like playing with Lego, you’ll like customising reports. Sure, they’ll always consist of 2 charts and a table, but there’s so much you can swap in to meet your needs. Whilst in the report you want to change, click on the Customise Report icon to get started. Now, here’s what you can tinker with:

Choose different dimensions

Don’t worry, we’re not shuttling you out into the solar system on a spaceship. Dimensions in GA4 describe your data, usually as text opposed to numbers. And you can choose different dimensions to base a report on, and remove ones you don’t need. This includes demographics like age and gender, the platform and device users use, the city, continent, or country they’re from, and more.

Change the metrics

For digital marketers, metrics mean money. They’re the yardsticks we measure campaign success with. And GA4 doesn’t always give you the metrics you need straight out the gate. So, change them. You can include metrics that measure engagement rates, average daily revenues, Google ad clicks, and how many times products have been added to carts.

Apply a filter

Dimensions are a lot like Deliveroo — they’ll bring you everything you could possibly want. But sometimes you don’t want Chinese, you want a chippy tea. You can apply filters to your reports to exclude (or include) certain values of dimensions, letting you create separate reports with specific segments of your audience.

Play with charts

Reports will always have two charts, but they’re not stuck in the mud. You can alter the visuals, hide them forever, and reorder them to give you the data visualisations you need. Bar charts, scatter charts, and line charts are open to you, and all you need to do is drag them into the order you need them.

Customise your summary cards

A picture says 1000 words, and summary cards can do the same thing. Visualising one dimension and metric, with dropdowns for customisation, summary cards in GA4 let you fully understand the impact of your marketing strategy on the data you’re receiving, helping you make effective, informed business decisions quicker.

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