How Screenful monopolized Trello market to drive $15k in MRR

Technologist & & business owner with a passion to product design, founder of Screenful ( Prior to establishing Screenful, I invested a decade building maker discovering designs for user analytics, content suggestion, and ad targeting. I co-organise Helsinki Service Analytics meetup and Atlassian User Group Helsinki. In my downtime, I take pleasure in snowboarding and juggling.Time Stamped Show Notes:01:25– Nathan’s introduction to today’s show

01:50– How Screenful is assisting companies end up being more

effective in their item shipment 02:30– Why they have regular monthly memberships that scale with number of

control panels 02:45– How the typical consumer pays them $50 monthly 02:55– Why they launched the business in 2013 with EUR100k in grants and angel investment 04:30– How their group of 4

is dispersed throughout the world 06:00– Why 300 clients utilize Screenful for an MRR of around$15k 06:30– How they’ve grown from around$5k in MRR 12 months ago 08:00– Why they are at 6.5% logo design churn each month today 08:30– How they are getting customers through the Trello market 11:00– How they presume an LTV of around$800 over 16 months

11:40– Why they have struck the break-even point 12:30– Why Sami would

n’t offer Screenful right now 13:55– How they are striving $20-30k in MRR by the end of

2018 14:50– Why they are valuing the business at $2M today 15:20– Sami Linnanvuo’s preferred business book 15:50– CEO Sami Linnanvuo

follows 16:20– Sami Linnanvuo’s favorite online tool 16:35– Average hours of sleep per night 17:00– If you might let your twenty years old self know one

thing, what would it be?Famous 16 Last company book read?– Innovators Problem What CEO do you follow?– Elon Musk What is your preferred online tool

?– Trello How lots of hours of sleep do you get?

— 7 If you could let your twenty years old self know something, what would it be?– Be brave and pursue dreams faster The post How Screenful monopolized Trello marketplace to drive$15k in MRR appeared

initially on Nathan Latka.

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