How to Get a Digital Marketing Job in an eCommerce Company – Indras Academy | Portal Map

How to Get a Digital Marketing Job in an eCommerce Company – Indras Academy | Portal Map

2023 saw millions of job losses across countries in almost all sectors of economy. The economic slowdown has caused even large multinational corporations like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter, etc., to lay off a huge number of employees. Even during this period, digital marketing jobs have been growing in India and abroad. If you are looking for a reliable job with a good scope of career growth, then digital marketing in the eCommerce sector is the future for you. All over the world there are more than 26.5 million eCommerce websites making a revenue of more than $6 trillion. In Spite of a larger number of websites, a bulk of this commerce happens through Amazon that accounts for a whopping 38% of ecommerce sales. With a cumulative annual growth rate of over 10% ecommerce is a fledgling sector that will grow at least for the next 10 to 15 years. Advantages of a Digital Marketing Job in eCommerce Industry Advantages of a Digital Marketing Job in eCommerce Industry Digital marketers in the eCommerce industry are one of the highest paid professionals in the field of digital marketing. Companies pay a high salary to these professionals as their contribution directly translates to revenue and profits to these businesses. There are many advantages of becoming a digital marketer for eCommerce companies. A high-paying job – Experienced digital marketers earn 150% more than their counterparts in other sectors. Ability to form own teams and lead – Digital marketers often get a free hand in choosing their own team and leading the project. Huge learning potential – An ecommerce store has many touch points with the customers and hence provides a lot of learning opportunities. A large number of opportunities – In digital marketing there are multiple specialisations such as social media marketing, search engine optimisation, PPC or paid marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, etc. Transferable knowledge – easily customise and implement your learning from the ecommerce sector to other sectors.. Learn from Free Online Digital Marketing Courses Learn from Free Online Digital Marketing Courses Digital marketing is an umbrella term for a large number of marketing principles and practices. Today there are many free online digital marketing courses on the internet. You can learn all the basics from such a course. However, the learning from these courses will not be retained for a long duration. Join the Top-rated Digital Marketing Course in Bengaluru Join the Top-rated Digital Marketing Course in Bengaluru If you are looking for a reliable course that provides you with a lot of learning opportunities, exposure and experience in the ecommerce sector, you should join the digital marketing course in Bengaluru . Our courses are driven by instructors and will have the right mix of theory and practical for you to grow. At Indras Academy we concentrate on growing your skills, and in providing the necessary exposure by engaging you in real-time live projects.. Intern with eCommerce Companies Intern with eCommerce Companies Once you complete the digital marketing course, you can intern with large companies. Depending on the size of the company, you will have an end to end spectrum of responsibilities from strategy, content writing, paid marketing, advertising campaigns, etc. As an intern you will be made to work across specialisations and will have gathered ample experience to work autonomously. This is crucial for you to master your skills and to work within a tight timeframe. The real-world scenario and real-time problems help you to stay confident even in the face of great adversities. Remote and Hybrid Work is on the Rise Remote and Hybrid Work is on the Rise Digital marketers in the ecommerce sector get a lot of freedom to work as per their preference. More importantly, after the global pandemic, more and more people are working from the comforts and safety of their homes. Digital marketing jobs and vacancies are filling up fast but you can start your journey today. With completely remote work, you can stay inside your home while working with national and multinational projects. Choose a Field and Specialise in the Same Choose a Field and Specialise in the Same In the field of digital marketing there are many specialisations that you can pursue such as the following Web development SEO Search Engine Marketing Graphic designing Conversion rate Optimisation The best way to learn these is to start practising and implementing what you have learnt. Each of these are unique streams and requires extensive experience. By working along with mentors you can quicken the learning phase and become extremely helpful for eCommerce. Attend Interviews with Open Mind Attend Interviews with Open Mind Once you have gained some experience by working as an intern you are ready to actively interview for a suitable job. At Indras Academy we also provide interview support to our students and help them to clear the interview process. This helps you to find the right job to suit your skillset. If you are planning to start your career in digital marketing, then our digital marketing course in Bangalore is the ideal Launchpad for you. Whether you are an experienced professional looking to pivot in your career or a fresher looking to enter a lucrative job, we have got you covered. Book a free consultation with us and explore how our courses can change your lives.

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