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Online reviews are very powerful these days. They are the modern word-of-mouth recommendations that greatly affect how people see your business. Studies also show that word of mouth is a more powerful marketing tool than advertisements because people listen with open ears to what fellow human beings say.

So, reviews help push a reluctant buyer to finally purchase your product. Reviews also tell potential buyers about the quality of your product and service. They serve as social proof of how good or bad a business is.


More positive reviews make your business more credible as well as increase your online visibility.

1. Understand Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS)

It is important that you understand Amazon’s Terms of Service before you start your selling to avoid errors that could harm the business.

Some of the important “don’ts” to remember are: paying for reviews and positive or 5-star reviews. This includes discount offers of at least 50%. Amazon will remove reviews that are verified to have been written by family members, relatives and other people close to you. The don’ts apply to ads and other marketing materials.

2. Sell High-Quality Products

Buyers who receive high quality products are happy buyers. Writing a good review is easy because they are excited and have great experiences to share.

Make sure that the product is appropriately packed to maintain its quality until it is received by the buyer.

Buyers that receive damaged items or one that is only good after a few uses will also most likely post a review. However, it will be a negative review.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service includes on time delivery, easy communications between dealer and customer and resolving issues as fast as possible.

Check reviews of your competitors to know what their customers like and dislike so that you can avoid potential problems and put in place the factors that the customers value.

4. Optimize Your Listing Content

Optimizing listing content on Amazon improves the search ranking or visibility, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CR) and generates more sales and more reviews.

Learn how to optimize your Amazon listing content because there are differences from optimization for Google.

You also need to conduct keyword research, optimize the title and content and provide an enhanced image of the product. help improve the search ranking of your page.

For the product title, there is a 500-word limit. You can include the product brand, model name and number, color, product type and other information that can make the readers decide that it’s the product they’re looking for.

Then, provide additional information in bullet-point form below the title and a detailed product description at the lower part of the page. Make sure to avoid duplicate content.

5. Use Amazon Early Reviewer Program and Amazon Vine

Amazon developed the Amazon Vine and Amazon Early Reviewer Program to help new businesses get their much needed initial reviews.

The Early Amazon Review Program costs $69 per SKU and is for brand registered products with fewer than five reviews and cost at least $15.

If you qualify for this program, Amazon will email your buyers to leave a review for a reward of $1-$3 until you get 5 reviews. There is no guarantee that it will be a good or 5-star review.

This program costs fee $2,500 – $7,500 per ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Program participant will also submit a specified number of free products for review.

Amazon will ask members of Vine Voices, who are perceived to be honest, fair and trustworthy customers to review the products. Again, there is no guarantee that it will be a 5-star review

6. Insert Notes Asking for a Review in Packaged Products for Delivery

You may include in the package for delivery promotional materials that includes your request for a review. Don’t offer any reward for a positive review.

7. Ask For Reviews from Buyers Who Are In Your Email Lists, Newsletter Subscribers and Social Media Followers

There’s a good chance that people in your email list and newsletter subscription have bought one of our products. It’s highly probable that they will leave a review if you ask them.

If you have been posting your product on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, you can ask you followers who have bought the product for a review via a status or message post.

8. Respond to all reviews

Thank all your reviewers and learn to handle bad reviews. If you resolve the concerns that were raised on negative reviews, the customers might edit their reviews to include the actions you have done.

Delayed resolution of customer complaints will allow more people to see the lack of proper action on bad reviews. Your prompt response to customer negative reviews is social proof that you care for your customers.

Why are online reviews important for my business on Amazon?

Online reviews act as modern word-of-mouth recommendations, significantly influencing how people perceive your business. They serve as social proof of your product’s quality and play a crucial role in pushing potential buyers to make a purchase.

What are the key “don’ts” to consider in understanding Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS)?

It’s vital to avoid paying for reviews, soliciting positive or 5-star reviews, and offering discounts of at least 50% for reviews. Amazon prohibits reviews from family members or close associates. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines is crucial to avoid potential harm to your business.

How can I encourage customers to leave positive reviews on Amazon?

Providing high-quality products, excellent customer service, and optimizing your Amazon listing content are effective strategies. Additionally, you can leverage programs like Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program and Amazon Vine to kickstart the review process for new products.

Is it acceptable to include a request for reviews in my packaged products for delivery?

Yes, you can include promotional materials in your package requesting reviews. However, it’s important not to offer any rewards for positive reviews, ensuring an authentic and unbiased reflection of your product.

How should I respond to negative reviews on Amazon?

A: Responding promptly and professionally to negative reviews is crucial. Thank the reviewer for their feedback, address their concerns, and demonstrate a commitment to resolving issues. A timely and positive response serves as social proof that your business values customer satisfaction.

There are no magical ways to get more Amazon reviews. You have to make your business worthy of getting good reviews from your customers. Provide honest and accurate information about your product to avoid false expectations and negative reviews.

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