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Are you someone looking to grow your cafe, hotel or other eateries? Digital marketing is the easiest way to grow your food chain business. Whether you are the sole person running your food joint or you have a big team to run your hotel, the onus of marketing falls on you. Growing your hotels using social media is no new thing and famous hoteliers like Salt Bae, CZN Burak are all great examples of using social media to propel their food business. These are people who have single-handedly built world famous food chains by using their social media. Even in India one can come across countless people who have used social media to make their restaurants a huge success and a phenomenon. Plan the Digital Marketing Strategy of the Restaurant Using digital marketing is an important part of modern marketing practices. When correctly implemented, digital marketing can help the organisation grow exponentially. In order to ensure effective utilisation of digital media, there is a need to plan a detailed digital marketing strategy. Social Media Marketing is the Key for Your Success Social media marketing is one of the best ways to grow the reach and profits of a business in the food industry. However, it is not the easiest. You need to properly plan the content strategy and execute it with perfection. Chart Out the Content Strategy for Each Social Media Social media posts of a restaurant or a cafe should inform the audience about the various types of foods that are available on the menu, how they are prepared, what makes these foods special and different from others. These are the broad objectives of social media content but there can be mini-objectives for each piece of content. When it comes to creating content on social media, you need to remember a few things. Your content should be a mix of the following. Entertaining Informative Feel-good Motivational / Evoking positive emotions. New and unique Educative Trendy Awe-inspiring While these are all general guidelines to create content for your social media, you should have a specific routine with which you create content. The content can be something that is shareable, easily relatable to a specific set of audience or the large number of people. Maximising Organic Reach of Social Media Account Social media marketing alone can’t grow your restaurant but without social media, it is almost impossible to grow in the present era. You need to follow it up with attractive offerings and a great quality in your foods. Reaching new accounts and audiences on social media is important for the long term success of any restaurant. Creating shareable and share-worthy content is the key for success on social media. Behind the scenes videos, preparation videos of various dishes, decoration videos and other unconventional videos that give an insider viewpoint of the food that are prepared in the restaurant makes the viewer feel good and informed. Such posts will reach newer audience segments and forward the objective of digital marketing. Running Ad Campaigns Tactically Helps in Growth Digital ads have an important place in any marketing strategy. Ignoring paid ads and solely concentrating on organic reach is not the ideal way to implement digital marketing. It will delay the growth and could turn counterproductive. At the same time, indiscriminate spending for ads should be avoided. Each ad campaign should have a specific objective and should be run with a clear starting and ending date. Scaling a business is a challenging task as there is a need to balance both the growth and the expense incurred for the growth. So, running efficient ad campaigns is instrumental in the growth and success of a restaurant. Optimise Your Google Business Profile (Previously Google My Business) Another important avenue in which restaurants and hotels can improve their visibility and bring in more patrons is Google Business Profile (GBP). Most restaurants don’t spend ample time on this. Restaurants can post photos of the interiors, foods, and ambience in the profile for better appeal. You can also update the menu and all the food items that are available in your restaurant. It is necessary to be active on Google Business Profile, just as you are active and responsive on other social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you are someone who has a dedicated website for your restaurant, then you should club the activities of GBP along with your website promotion activities. Local SEO or search engine optimisation for the local results is an important part of your digital strategy. Optimisation of GBP and your website is integral for organic growth. Today more and more people search for restaurants and hotels on Google Maps and reaching the top position for your locality can bring in at least 2X of your normal customers. Learn and Implement the Best Practices of Digital Marketing for Restaurants, Cafes and Hospitality Industry For a successful growth of restaurants, you need to have a strategic planning and proper execution of the same. It requires many important skills such as Digital Marketing Strategy Content Strategy and Planning Social Media Marketing PPC Ads & Paid Ad Campaigns Search Engine Optimisation If you are looking to learn these skills, you need to join a digital marketing course. At Indras Academy we provide a 100% practical course that helps you become a great digital marketing practitioner.

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