How to Learn SEO and Digital Marketing

How to Learn SEO and Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) and general digital marketing are both valuable skills to have. Although SEO is part of digital marketing, it is worthwhile to specialize in SEO optimization and become an SEO expert. The only thing left to consider is how to acquire the skills and knowledge to become an SEO or digital marketing expert. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to get started. 

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Google Skillshop

For the most part, Google is the internet. Everything online starts and ends with Google. That is why it’s necessary to begin your learning with Google’s Skillshop. It’s free to join and, you can become certified in no time for several digital marketing skills, including SEO.

Another great reason to start with Google’s Skill Shop is because most of the SEO work you’ll ever do relates to becoming more optimized for search results on Google’s search engine. It only makes sense to learn about Google. Other search engines follow similar rules when it comes to ranking. Hence, google SEO is the template.

Neil Patel’s Website

Neil Patel is a prolific digital marketer and, his agency has created plenty of free content to get you started on digital marketing. We would recommend using Neil Patel’s site to get case studies on marketing work. 

The downside is that Neil Patel’s site is very pushy when it comes to collecting subscribers. Only sign up if you’re ready for receiving emails daily that you’re probably never going to read. 

Create a website

To be successful in any trade, you need practice. Building your website from scratch will give you a playground. A personal website provides a better understanding of what you would need for digital marketing and SEO.

As you build your website, focus on traffic and how to attract more visitors. At this stage, you should rely on making micro changes to your website and gaining a better understanding of on-site SEO. 

Invest more in time than expensive tools

In the beginning, you’ll want to take the easy way out and invest in expensive SEO tools to do the hard work for you. That is not the recommended way of learning digital marketing and SEO. Expensive tools speed up the process of knowledge you already have. 

There is more to gain in digital marketing when you spend time in the slow, hard way. It’s also free. The only time you should be spending money is when you get to the point of learning to run digital advertising campaigns. There’s no way around it.

Google Ads

In general, you should always have three accounts: Google ads, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. They should all link to one another as well as your website. Measurement is a fundamental aspect of every marketing activity and, without measurement, it’s hard to evaluate your improvement.

Google Ads is full of resources to guide you through creating successful pay-per-click ads that you can apply to other platforms. Additionally, it will be the first place to spend any money to boost your marketing repertoire.

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