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Published: 23 March, 2023

This is the third in a series of articles about how you can make digital marketing your asset-raising saviour.

In the last article, I said that good content is essential in the battle for digital hearts and minds.

But, of course, good content is only useful if people see it. You must ensure your content is getting in front of your prospects and clients, otherwise, it’s useless.

One element of this is obviously SEO. This is particularly important for warming up leads at the top of the sales funnel, as these people don’t really know who you are. They may enjoy your emails and attend the odd webinar, but they still need to validate and build on that before you get anywhere near an investment decision.

With good SEO in place, you are going to start popping up when they are searching for relevant investment information. This will boost and validate your position as a thought leader, as they will inevitably read more of your content.

And everything you have out there should point back to your website, which is where you have a single version of the truth about your firm that you want prospects to read. You can also use your website to showcase your articles, webinars and other forms of content, to further build a bond.

In addition, you need to distribute content through a strong social media presence, as this fosters an ongoing connection with your brand. LinkedIn is the pick of the social media sites where asset management is concerned, as it’s business-oriented. The other advantage is that it will link prospects back to a detailed profile of you and your business – in a way that Twitter, Facebook et al do not. But, you should be aware of regional variations in how social media works. In the Japanese market, for example, LinkedIn is much less popular, and Facebook is favoured for investment advice.

In fact, there isn’t a single formula for success when it comes to getting your content out there. There will be all sorts of variations and nuances that are peculiar to your firm and client-base, particularly if you have a global reach, so you will need to use different strategies in different territories.

To sum up, although your website is your foundation and the place where you have the curated story that tells your prospects exactly what you want them to know – you have to get them there. And that means SEO, consistent content distribution, and territory-specific social media use.

To do all this effectively,  you must have a plan. This may seem an obvious piece of advice – but many firms approach content creation and distribution on an ad hoc basis. Don’t do that, instead have an excel spreadsheet where you lay out exactly what you’re going to do – from emails to social posts to webinars and any other promotional activity. Plan it out each month and make sure you stick to it.

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