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Before jumping into this, it is important to understand the purpose behind calculating your content marketing ROI. You want to ensure you are not focused on vanity metrics that will lead to creating misguided strategies.

We understand there is pressure to prove that resources spent on creating videos, social, webinars, ebooks and blog content are well spent. But try to focus on the insights of your current strategy to see what is working and what’s not. These insights will help you optimise your strategy for better results if needed.

To calculate your B2B content marketing ROI, follow these four simple steps.

Step 1: Sum costs of producing the content

Compute the cost of creating content. This includes the payment made to content creators, editors, and freelancers. Sum the costs spent on video production, infographics, image graphics, etc. 

Step 2: Include costs for content distribution

Are you using paid promotions via social media or search engines? Note the costs.

If you use other software or paid marketing tools, add the costs of acquisition.

Step 3: Add up the revenue generated from each piece of content

Whenever your visitors convert, i.e., click on your CTA, add all the sales from all your content marketing efforts. 

Step 4: Finally, calculate your content marketing ROI using this formula.

Content Marketing = (Return – Investment/Investment) * 100

For instance, if you invested a total of €1000 in creating your content, and you generated revenue of €20,000, then your ROI will be:

Return (€20000) – Investment (€9000) = €11,000

€11,000€/1000= €11

€11×100 = 1100%

Your ROI is worth it if the amount invested in publishing the content is less than the revenue generated from the content.

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