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Marketing is a powerful tool that can help boost your sales, expand brand awareness, and turn users into loyal customers. Brands invest huge amounts of money into their marketing efforts, and as the marketing budget rises, so does the need for better allocation of that investment by continuously tracking and measuring how marketing campaigns perform. So let us delve into the world of digital marketing performance metrics. 

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Digital marketing performance measurements to keep in mind

Marketers need to keep track of many performance metrics. Of course, not all metrics are relevant to all campaigns, and some of the metrics are of great interest not only to the marketing team but also to sales, administration, and business too. Here is a walkthrough of the most significant digital marketing performance measurements to consider.




Valuable tools to measure digital marketing performance

After analyzing the most important metrics, we can take a look at the tools to help measure digital marketing performance. As there are numerous tools available, we will break them down into categories and focus on some of the most popular and useful tools.

Things to consider when deciding on a tool

There are tools that are dedicated to reporting a specific metric, and there are tools that provide an end-to-end process of tracking, monitoring, and reporting. This does not make the decision of finding the right tool easier. On the contrary, such a decision is rather complex to make. You need to consider a range of factors and opt for tools that  

A popular choice for digital marketing reporting is This tool offers the ability to automatically export data from many of the business apps you use – such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and many more. 

You can pull data from different apps and combine it together into meaningful reports and dashboards. Or, if you prefer, hire experts to build any custom solution for you – such as dashboards, automated data flows, or entire data infrastructure. 

Here’s an example of an ad reporting dashboard that could enhance your reporting. Feel free to play with it or copy it for your use.

How to measure digital marketing performance effectively

Before embarking on your marketing campaign, there are a few things to consider. Not only do you need to know the right metrics to track your success accurately but you must also set your goals wisely so that you have a clear idea of your objectives. 

In order to stay focused on your marketing efforts and their success, you need to set SMART goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound, and these are significant factors contributing to your campaign’s success.      

In addition to the SMART goals, consider also creating a Marketing Measurement Template. 

After settling down on your campaign’s goal and the metrics you need to track, it is advisable that you create a measurement template populated with all the relevant information. It should include the goals that you have set, a concise overview of the marketing actions taken, and the results they yielded. 

The metrics should be included too, and the performance of the campaign should be further analyzed. Breaking it down into the things that work best and the things that did not. Including any valuable lessons learned. 

This type of template is quite versatile and it can be further shared within all the relevant teams of a business. It can be extracted as a report and sent out to sales, administration, clients, or shareholders. 

Measuring digital marketing performance – success stories

Tracking and monitoring the performance of a digital marketing campaign is of great significance. Being able to do that allows for tweaking for optimization, rendering a campaign more impactful and successful. There are many examples of how digital marketing performance measurement can lead to success, and here are a few such examples and success stories. 

Why should you measure digital marketing performance?

Measuring the performance of your carefully-orchestrated digital marketing campaigns is imperative. It enables you to tweak accordingly to create a bigger impact, allows for data-driven tactics to be applied, and in general, leads to wiser business decisions. 

This means that by measuring the digital performance of your campaigns you can allocate your marketing budget efficiently, investing in marketing efforts that can improve conversions and boost sales. 

You can pick the right channels and platforms that will help you reach your target audience, engage with it successfully, and eventually turn those users into customers.

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