How to Use QR Codes to Improve Digital Marketing

How to Use QR Codes to Improve Digital Marketing

If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to improve your marketing, this post will show you how to use QR codes to do it.

How to Use QR Codes

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The Advantages of Using QR Codes in Marketing & The Strategies to Do It

Digital marketing strategies are changing rapidly. Moreover, Pandenic also shifted the way businesses interact with their customers. It brought new challenges but also opened room for new opportunities. And one of them is using QR codes in digital marketing campaigns.

At first glance, it’s hard to understand how QR codes can help to develop marketing strategies. But please keep in mind, customers want to find everything quickly. 

And now, mobile users can access information about products and services with a single scan using these barcodes. The vital factor to consider is that number of mobile users is increasing, as in 2023 there will be smartphone users.

We will discuss the benefits of QR codes and suggest some tips you can follow to offer mobile users excellent marketing campaigns. 

6 Advantages of using QR codes in your digital marketing 

But first, let’s start to define reasons why both business owners and digital marketers need to care about them. Even numbers say a lot, as surveys said that  of the customers agreed that QR codes make life easier. In fact, there are various advantages these codes can give, and let’s discuss some of them:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Producing QR codes doesn’t demand a lot of money from the company budget.

2. It is user-friendly, and easy-use

QR codes present a great opportunity to easily direct users to your website or other mediums with simple steps.

3. It allows tracking and measuring 

The great thing about using QR codes in campaigns is that they can give access to a huge amount of valuable data. Thanks to that you can, it’s possible to analyze the ROI of your campaigns and make informed decisions for increasing them.

4. Collect feedback

Using QR codes, you can ask for feedback from the customers by including a QR code. And by understanding customer desires and pain points, it is possible to deliver them a great experience.

5. Engage your customers

It’s also a great opportunity to increase customer engagement by delivering interactive content.

6. Enhance your digital marketing tactics

QR codes are a great way not grow your audience but also to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. 

5 Tactics On How To Use QR Codes for Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

These benefits have already proved that if companies want to grow, they need to use QR codes to design tactics. We’re going to provide you with some of the most effective tactics on how to use these codes to make your campaigns even more successful.

1. Increase your app download with QR codes

A large percentage of businesses use apps as excellent marketing platforms. But they must find ways to implement and increase app installation to gain benefits from their apps. In this stage, QR codes can be extremely helpful. 

These odes can offer your website visitors to scan the specific QR code and get to the relevant app store, where they can download your app.

But it will be smart to give people reasons to download your app. In this matter, offer them incentives and rewards to install the app. 

Collect feedback on what kind of rewards your potential customers would prefer. You can use the to ask their opinion or send email surveys.

2. Add them to your product pages and increase brand awareness

One of the primary goals of any business is to and spread the word about its products. QR codes can be helpful to reach that goal as well by delivering an excellent product experience. They give an opportunity to educate people your customers more about your brand.

In the case when you want to promote your SaaS product, you can offer potential buyers to use a QR code and go to a product page. There they’ll find tutorials and other types of that share helpful tips about product usage.

An E-commerce store can also widely use the QR coder to expand its market. Moreover, QR codes are a great opportunity to and to upsell additional products. You can create a unique campaign offering customers to scan the QR codes to get discounts or other coupons. 

Another tactic is to suggest your customers for promoting your brand to their friends and online followers. Online shop Myntra designed a great campaign; when people receive product delivery packages, they can get QR Coded and use them to get a discount for their next purchase.

Last but not least, to increase brand awareness when designing a QR code, including adding your logo.

3. Guide customers to your landing page 

Great landing pages are the backbone of a successful marketing campaign. Therefore, businesses try different methods to navigate customers there. And in this case, also QR codes have the power to reach that goal as well. 

and bring more to your website. They can improve your brand’s online visibility, but they question why you should land through QR codes on the landing page, not other web pages. The answer is simple: landing pages share vital about products and can convince users to make a purchase.

An important tip here is to add a clear call to action (CTA) and give customers an idea of where QR codes will land them.  Those CTAs should encourage users and take action, join or , or sign up for your email newsletter.

Add QR Codes to your emails

Email marketing remains one of the most significant and effective marketing tactics. And QR codes can give to add power to your email marketing strategies. And they can be helpful in the process when companies want to build their email list. In this stage, also is strong CTA is a must. 

In addition to this, when you have already expanded your email list, share valuable content and make it more effective with QR codes. These codes also can help subscribers just scan the code and save businesses’ contact details.

To make QR code usage even more effective in your emails, you should add unique visual elements. This way, you will highlight the , but in this process, you should ensure that those visually compelling QR codes don’t distract the main message of your email.

Ultimately QR codes can allow companies to get important data on how your campaign performed, metrics like open and conversion rate. This information gives the opportunity to build more effective email marketing strategies. All your efforts will go in vain if your company doesn’t manage email security threats. In that matter, follow and implement the right policy to avoid malicious attacks. 

Enhance social marketing campaigns with QR codes

Alongside email marketing, social media marketing also plays a huge role in business success. For that, you can need to boost your social media presence. Following steps, businesses can: 

To grow social media following

QR codes can guide your customers to LinkedIn and Facebook pages and offer them to follow. You can offer users that have signed up for your email newsletter the to follow your brand on social media pages. Instagram launched a QR code, which platforms users can use in their stories to make it easier for users to follow their brand.

To boost social media engagement

Offer entertaining content, and this way boost engagement as well and get more impressions and likes.

Gain competitive advantage

Give competitors an advantage, as QR codes in digital marketing are a relatively new concept, and not many companies do it. 

Increase sales

Big social media channels have created unique platforms where eCommerce brands sell their products. And using the opportunities that QR codes give and combining them it social media tactics, you can grow sales as well.

Wrapping Up

There are endless opportunities and possibilities to skyrocket your digital marketing strategies. And QR codes represent great sources to achieve that. Here we gave tips on how to use them to build winning strategies. By implementing them, your business can get a competitive advantage and scale. 

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