How You Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy with ChatGPT

ChatGPT has revolutionized the way we approach problems encountered daily. From writing original content to fixing bugs in a script, businesses are using ChatGPT in novel ways to streamline their operations and make them more efficient. In the marketing industry, ChatGPT is being used to help brands interact with customers using personalized automated responses, create high-quality content for social media and email marketing campaigns, and guide clients through their purchasing journey.

The number of AI capabilities adapted by companies has grown over 50% in four years from 2018 to 2022. Given the popularity of ChatGPT, it is the right time for marketing professionals to take advantage of its features and use it as a tool that can benefit their digital marketing strategies as well as their career, especially ChatGPT for Gmail.

5 Ways ChatGPT Helps Marketers with Their Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Set Up Customer Pixel Conversions

If you are an SEO professional or a PPC marketer who wants to set up custom conversions upon users’ actions on your website, you usually need the help of a web developer. In many cases, Google Tag Manager can come in handy, but if you need something different than a built-in GTM feature, it can get quite difficult to manage things on your own. With ChatGPT, you can easily create a conversion event when someone is scrolling through a webpage without the help of a developer. You can simply request ChatGPT to “send Facebook pixel customer conversion event when users scroll through 40% of the webpage using JavaScript,” and it will work accordingly.

2. Create Regular Expressions in Analytics Reporting

You can use Google Analytics or Google Search Console to create analytical reports, including regular expressions. Creating regular expressions is one of the most tiresome tasks, and it can slow down the work of a marketer. Marketers with little or no technical background can struggle to use this feature and get limited to only a few regular expressions (aka regexps in the AI world) found on common forums.

Using ChatGPT, you can easily create regular expressions according to your requirements and get the job done instantly. You can even use ChatGPT to compose regexp for GA reports, but keep in mind to always mention RE2 syntax in the command since that syntax is supported by Google’s dashboard.

3. Help with Research and Content Curation

ChatGPT is a tool that can research any topic online and draft a response that fits your query. This is what makes it an amazing tool for content creation. By asking ChatGPT to write an article about the “effects of Global Warming in Australia”, you can easily draft original and well-written content within minutes. You can even ask ChatGPT to research a specific topic online and provide you with relatable information regarding it. Therefore, if you want to create an effective content marketing plan, ChatGPT is a tool you should be using to your advantage.

4. Improve SEO with FAQs and Featured Snippets

Some SEO professionals may need help finding good FAQs regarding a topic. FAQs containing keywords can be used to optimize a piece of content and provide value to the reader. If a marketer is struggling to find good, related questions regarding a specific keyword, they can simply use ChatGPT to make their content more informative. For example, if you run a blog about fast food, you can ask ChatGPT for related questions regarding “tacos in Los Angeles”. As a result, ChatGPT will offer questions that accurately relate to your query.

5. Fetch Data from APIs and Coding

ChatGPT can also help you fetch data from different codes. If you don’t have a technical background and want to fetch some products’ prices in an online store, you can simply request a code that meets your needs.

Wrapping Up

Although there has been talk that ChatGPT can replace many professions, it is unlikely that this will happen at this stage. Although ChatGPT is a powerful chat software, there are still some things that only people can do better.

If you are looking to improve your digital marketing strategies and use an AI assistant that addresses all tedious and time-consuming tasks, ChatGPT is the perfect software for you. For more information about tools that can take your digital marketing to the next level, feel free to check out ChatGPT for Gmail.

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