Important SEO articles for 2024 | iMod Digital: Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Cape Town

Important SEO articles for 2024 | iMod Digital: Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Cape Town

Google GSE & Generative AI Google SGE and Generative AI in Search are hot topics at the moment, no matter where you look in the SEO realm, you’ll see these topics being discussed, and for good reason. Nobody truly knows what Google’s next move is going to be but we do know that there’s a lot of pressure to incorporate more and more artificial intelligence. Microsoft definitely appears to be ahead at this moment in time but we’d never underestimate the power of Google. Read more: Humanising Google Search Results Humanising the Google search results is something that popped up in a post by Kevin Indig toward the end of 2023. What we find interesting here is that Reddit saw incredible growth when Google rolled out its latest algorithm update, and this made sense. How often do you add, “reddit” to your search to get answers from other humans rather than robots? We do it all the time and it’s honestly one of the best “hacks” for getting answers. So, why wouldn’t Google take a lesson from this and incorporate it into their search, interesting: Read more: Third-Party Cookies Another important topic is that of third-party cookies. Once again, this topic has been discussed countless times but we find that there’s so much information that most people aren’t aware of what’s really happening. Well, Google has begun phasing out third-party cookies in Google Chrome. This is all about privacy and will affect marketers so if you’re marketing a website, it’s crucial that you get on top of this to understand what’s going to change. Read more: SEO Quiz Are you someone who does your own SEO or are you an experienced SEO? Perhaps it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and give this SEO Quiz a go. The questions are not as easy as you’d expect and you’ll find yourself scratching your head a bit for various questions so it’s definitely worth a go. We must warn you, to get your results you have to provide your name and email address. Take quiz: Google Helpful Content Update One of the largest algorithm updates we’ve seen in our time, and one that is really easy to work with. If you take SEO seriously, or own a website, you need to be on top of Google’s Helpful Content Update algorithm. Take the time to read the guidelines, because the answers are right there for you. Read more: — There is a great deal of news at the moment but we felt these topics were definitely worth sharing.

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