Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud the winner of Digital Marketing crown?

Digital marketing is all about catching your customer at the right time, predicting his subsequent moves as accurately as possible, and presenting your product and content in a relevant and timely manner to ensure the journey from “view product” to “buy product” is completed in the shortest and best possible manner, for the marketer as well as the customer.  The Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC) signals the future of digital marketing through its features.
Let us look into some of the Cloud features to understand exactly how Salesforce attempts to capture the digital market for the marketer’s business:
Mapping the customer’s journey
“The future of marketing is the ‘customer journey,” said McCorkle, leader the ExactTarget component of Salesforce, while speaking about the future of the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.
A customer connects with a brand in many ways and at many levels. Most often, it is never a one-time affair, rather a culmination of multi-leveled, multi-layered journey that leads to a customer making a purchase. The chances of a repeat purchase depend hugely on not only how satisfied the customer is with the product but also on the shopping experience the customer has had.
The Journey Builder feature in Salesforce maps the customer’s journey with the brand by providing the marketer a 360 degree view of the customer on a 1:1 basis across all channels. It lets you create a personalized experience for your customer by providing the right information at the right time and also leverage this data in real time.

Multi-channel Marketing: If it’s on your customer’s mind, he sees it on his screen—this is how digital marketing works in a nutshell. The crux of digital marketing lies in presenting the right kind of information to each of your customers, ensuring repeat site visits and higher conversions. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud email, media marketing feature, customer behavior is tapped into and targeted through all devices and channels like t
Is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud all set to wear the crown in the field of Digital Marketing?he Email, Mobile, Social Media and the Web and the data is leveraged to feature relevant products or services on the customer’s communication radar in real-time.
The Predictive Intelligence feature of Salesforce, along with its API, predicts customer behavior accurately by tracking his previous browsing history, thereby identifying and creating a target audience, and optimizing this data to deliver personalized content (for instance, recommending newer products relevant to his search history in real time) to each of the customers at the right place, seamlessly across all channels.
Versatile and relevant content: The user-friendly editor of the SMC enables the marketer to create personalized 1:1 emails for every customer throughout the marketing lifecycle. Features like the drag-and-drop content blocks and customized templates that are optimally tweaked for a mobile screen makes the creation of 1:1 content and publishing it across all devices a hassle-free experience.
Sending out reminders to a customer about pending items in his shopping cart is an example of messages that are automated based on the customer’s action using the SMC.
Social Media Ads and customer data platform: In this age of “being always online”, capturing the customer’s attention over media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is something a marketer cannot afford to overlook. The SMC is built to create effective ad campaigns that target the right audience at the right time and the right place. It also lets you optimize the data, track the results to check if the campaign works or not and tweak it to work in real-time.
Advantage Salesforce- We believe that Salesforce has already made a good pitch with the market by consolidating these individual features into one big component so that the marketers are saved from investing with different vendors for each of these. The edge factor for Salesforce is easily the recent acquisition of the marketing platform ExactTarget and its top-notch social products like Radian6 and Buddy Media. With a slightly delayed foray into the digital marketing arena, Salesforce needs a bit of catching up to do in terms of consolidating its premium products into one whole formidable one. That achieved, it certainly becomes a strong contender to wear the crown in the area of digital marketing.

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