Lebanese Newspaper Uses Blood As Ink To Make A Statement On Love & Justice – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

On Valentine’s Day, Lebanese newspaper Annahar issued a Bloodline Edition to send a message of love, remembrance, and resistance.

The ink used to print on the newspaper was made with samples of true Lebanese blood. This jarring move was a tribute to all the blood shed in the fight for justice.

The special front page of the newspaper featured a cedar tree— a symbol of the country, as seen on the national flag—growing out of an anatomical heart.

The drawing also sent a crucial message that even on Valentine’s Day, the county has been stained with blood due to the 2005 assassination of prime minister Rafic Hariri as well as the social breakdown, injustices, and politics that are ongoing in the country.

The Bloodline Edition, produced together with creative agency Impact BBDO, also aims to urge the Lebanese to “End the Bleed” and to express their love for the country via endthebleed.org.

“Lebanon is a bleeding country. Even our Valentine’s Day is stained with blood as the brutal assassination of prime minister Rafic Hariri happened on the same date. But this will not stop us from expressing our love to our country even in the toughest of times,” its description read..

“This is a tribute to all the bloodshed throughout our fight for justice and an opportunity to ask ourselves if we still love our country despite the current breakdown. It is also a crucial message of resistance: end the bleed,” it continued.

Lebanese newspaper @annahar has mixed blood with ink to print a dramatic Bloodline Edition, urging the people of Lebanon to come together to #[email protected] @AnnaharEnhttps://t.co/95EOnQ02GM pic.twitter.com/GckuWHhsIl

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