List of terms in Digital Marketing with full forms – Brain Cyber Solutions

List of terms in Digital Marketing with full forms - Brain Cyber Solutions

Here, I have compiled a set of short terms and their corresponding full forms commonly used in Digital Marketing / SEO. Save it for your reference. It will be helpful for your digital marketing training. Term Full Form Role ABM Account-Based Marketing Targeting API Application Programming Interface Integration API Call Application Programming Interface Call Communication API Integration Application Programming Interface Integration Connectivity B2B Business to Business Transactions B2C Business to Consumer Transactions BANT Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline Qualification BERT Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers Understanding CDN Content Delivery Network Distribution CLV Customer Lifetime Value Revenue Generation CMS Campaign Management System Organization CMS Content Management System Website COA Cost of Acquisition Expenses CPM Click-Through Rate Engagement CPM Clicks Per Mille Impressions CPM Cost Per Click Advertising CRO Conversion Rate Optimization Improvement CRM Customer Relationship Management Relationships CR Conversion Rate Percentage CTA Call to Action Encouragement CTR Click-Through Rate Engagement DA Domain Authority Website DMP Data Management Platform Data Utilization DNS Domain Name System Resolution DSP Demand-Side Platform Advertising EAT Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness Credibility E-commerce Electronic Commerce Online Selling ESP Email Service Provider Email Delivery FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Information FOMO Fear of Missing Out Urgency GDPR General Data Protection Regulation Compliance GEO Targeting Geographic Targeting Location GEOIP Geographic Internet Protocol Location GDN Google Display Network Advertising HTML Hypertext Markup Language Structure HTML5 Hypertext Markup Language version 5 Development HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Security IP Address Internet Protocol Address Identification IoT Internet of Things Connectivity JSON JavaScript Object Notation Data Format JSON-LD JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data Markup KOL Key Opinion Leader Influencer KPI Key Performance Indicator Measurement LBM Location-Based Marketing Proximity LMS Learning Management System Education LSI Keywords Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords Relevance LTV Lifetime Value Customer Value Meme Memetic Virality MQL Marketing Qualified Lead Lead Scoring MRR Monthly Recurring Revenue Subscription NPS Net Promoter Score Loyalty OTO One-Time Offer Marketing ORM Object-Relational Mapping Database P2P Peer-to-Peer Networking PBN Private Blog Network SEO PPC Pay Per Click Advertising QA Quality Assurance Testing QR Code Quick Response Code Interaction RFP Request for Proposal Proposal RLSA Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Targeting ROAS Return on Ad Spend Advertising Efficiency RSS Really Simple Syndication Content RSS Feed Really Simple Syndication Feed Content SaaS Software as a Service Delivery SEM Search Engine Marketing Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimization Optimization SERM Search Engine Reputation Management Online Reputation SERP Search Engine Results Page Ranking SMO Social Media Optimization Visibility SMM Social Media Marketing Branding SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SSL Secure Sockets Layer Security SaaS Software as a Service Delivery TOS Terms of Service Agreement TOFU Top of Funnel Awareness UI User Interface Design UI/UX User Interface/User Experience Design UGC User-Generated Content Contribution UTM Parameters Urchin Tracking Module Parameters Tracking UX User Experience Satisfaction Vlog Video Blog Content VPC Voice of the Customer Feedback W3C World Wide Web Consortium Standardization WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get Editing XML eXtensible Markup Language Data Format XML Sitemap XML Sitemap Search Engines YMYL Your Money or Your Life Content Classification Zero Day Zero Day Vulnerability Meet the author Syam K.S. is a digital marketing professional and trainer in Kerala. With over 18 years of experience, he is one of the leading SEO experts in Kerala. Syam serves as the lead trainer for our Digital Marketing course and online SEO course.

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