Looking for a Content Writer for Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Looking for a Content Writer for Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Looking for a Content Writer for Your Digital Marketing Agency? Search Engine Optimized, High-Quality Content Writing Services Looking for a content writer for your digital marketing agency? You’ve come to the right place! We’re highly-qualified writers who have experience working with digital marketing and SEO agencies. You’ve got all the secrets for driving traffic, generating targeted leads, and boosting sales. We’ll help you execute your content marketing strategy and drive digital change faster through data-driven content. What We Offer We can help you with: Content writing. This includes writing blog posts, articles, tutorials, reviews, roundups, and thought leadership pieces. Images and screenshots. We’ll find high-quality images and photos to spruce up your online content or take screenshots to visually explain what the product does. Tutorials. We can test out themes, plugins, digital products, and SaaS products and write in-depth tutorials that help you explain what the product feature does in an engaging and visual way. Upload to CMS. We’re happy to upload the article draft directly to the client site’s back-end. This, of course, includes SEO set up (focus keyword, meta title, and description), internal and external links, and adding tracking URLs to content. Project management. We have experience working with all kinds of project management tools including Trello, Basecamp, Asana, and others, so we’ll fit right in with your existing tech stack and workflow. And if you’re not using a project management tool, we’ll gladly create one for you! Topics Here are just some of the topics we can help you write about: WordPress ECommerce Blogging Content Marketing Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Lead Generation SaaS Technology IT/Managed Services Web Design WordPress Development Internet of Things Personal Finance Legal “Working with Maria has been a pleasure she conducts herself as a professional, delivers work on time and is eager to learn. I would recommend Maria’s content writing services if you are looking for a solid WordPress writer. The overall experience working with Maria has been positive and I have been satisfied with the work which is why I keep projects going with her. Maria is good at what she does and is always willing to make the necessary changes to ensure 100% satisfaction. Reliable communication, timely work completion and the quality of work has been what makes working with Maria a pleasure.” “Rafay is an exceedingly helpful writer. He’s able to translate a deep understanding of technical and development issues into plain-English; which in my experience, is a rare gift. Rafay’s found the perfect tone for writing on the web, and he adjusts his style to fit each brief. His articles for us have made some complex topics simple, and he always produces sharp, engaging copy. Rafay makes my days shorter by delivering quality content, that rarely requires copy-editing, on schedule. I’d recommend Rafay’s services to anyone looking for a talented, reliable writer.” “You couldn’t ask for a more professional and reliable writer than Maria. Her ability to produce quality and well-researched articles made my life as a magazine coordinator a breeze. Every deadline was met, even when it was a short turn around. We truly appreciated the work Maria provided us with for our online magazines at Nimbus Themes and Themeshift and would instantly hire her back for future projects.” “So far my experience working with Rafay has been great. He always delivers the content on time and is quick to respond. I’d definitely recommend Rafay to anyone looking for a fantastic writer in the WordPress or design niche.” “We really enjoyed working with Rafay. He is responsible and polite, he works fast, and he meets the deadlines. Rafay follows the instructions and implements his own ideas when creating content. If you are searching for a good writer who is also experienced in WordPress, Rafay is your choice!”

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