Marketing for Corporate Law Firms – Business Lawyers Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing for Corporate Law Firms - Business Lawyers Digital Marketing Agency

SEO For Business Lawyers + Law Firms

Like in a garment store where the most fashionable and trending garments are displayed at the forefront, Google places reputed and high-quality websites at the top of its organic search results.

Google has laid down specific rules (a.k.a algorithms) that act as a parameter in judging a website’s performance. It takes into account onsite factors that include content quality on the web pages, appropriate use of page titles, keyword analysis, image alt tag descriptions, meta titles and descriptions, and the appropriate use of headings. Google also analyzes offsite factors that include the number and quality of backlinks that your website obtains from reputable sources.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that helps your business law firm website comply with SEO algorithms and make it appear higher on the organic search results – those results appearing directly under the ads. While various tools help analyze the metrics of a website, PSM uses Google Analytics to analyze the website performance and make improvements to our clients’ business law firm marketing & SEO strategy.

The SEO professionals at PSM marketing are trained in SEO best practices for business lawyers and are entirely aware of the complexities of serving our legal industry clients who practice business law.. We have a team of legal professionals who regularly update our SEO team with new blogs and content that has been added to the website, along with other relevant firm news.

Say you are looking for a new home, and you bump into a property with archaic interiors and wobbly architecture. What would you do? Most likely, you would want to quickly leave and continue your search.

Well, that’s what an outdated business law firm website can do to your visitors. Any loose strings while designing a law firm website can cost you significantly both in terms of revenue and brand reputation.

PSM has identified several do’s and don’ts in designing a business law firm website that can help you engage your visitors for a longer time by providing information your business clients are interested in.. One strategy that has benefited our clients immensely has been the inclusion of biographies that include a lot of information on each lawyer. While many business owners want to see what kind of person you are, your values, and the way you operate. Including information like your education qualifications, practice areas, volunteering activities, awards received, articles published, and a summary of cases you have handled. All of these credential-building areas can significantly increase your chances of becoming their lawyer.

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