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Marketing “Un-Cool” Companies Some businesses are just difficult to market. It’s not that the product or service is bad, but the nature of the business itself could be difficult to brand or advertise. How would you for instance write a social media campaign for a: Divorce Attorney Septic Pumping Business Gynecologist Electrician I could go on. Some businesses it works naturally for like hair salons, any creative agency, clothing brands etc. Marketing for the “Un-Cool” really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The idea is to find an emotion that resonates with that business while the potential customer is in the realm thinking about it. So for a divorce attorney there is going to be some anger, sadness etc. coinciding with their search. You wouldn’t want an influencer yacking about you as an attorney in a happy bubbly way. You could however do a black and white video shot of an attorney working late in the night with a caption that reads: “We’ll worry about your divorce tonight so you don’t have to” or something like that. (BTW you are welcome to steal that idea 🙂 So if you are stumped at creating meaningful ads or campaigns around notoriously un-cool or boring companies, try using emotional marketing first to resonate with a potential customer instead of the standard ad you would see so long ago in phone-books or on tv. #teamraptor #marketing

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