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The 7 Best Nobuyoshi Araki Books

  • Nobuyoshi Araki - Silent wishes

September 12, 2018 Balasz Takac is alias of Vladimir Bjelicic who is actively engaged in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice.

Most likely among the best worldwide recognized Japanese photographers is Nobuyoshi Araki. This strange contemporary figure formed a highly questionable visual by integrating eroticism and art. Although typically censored by the authorities, through the years Araki became decorated by the different subculture circles, in particular the fetish neighborhood, but likewise the mainstream one. The curiosity is that the Icelandic artist Björk is a big admirer of his work, and Araki photographed her in 1997 for the cover art of her remix album, Telegram. Likewise interested by his work is American director Travis Klose, who produced a documentary about the artist called Arakimentari in 2005.

Because his beginnings up until the present day, initially released as a restricted edition. It underlines a range of his professions from Tokyo street scenes, deals with, and foods, over colorful and sensual flowers to female genitalia and the Japanese art of kinbaku, or bondage. Araki as soon as described his bondage pictures as”a partnership between the subject and the professional photographer”; the artist constantly explored his subjects through the lens by emphasizing the role of spoken conversation in between himself and the design. ‚ Featured image: Nobuyoshi Araki– Araki by Araki. Image by means of Chiro My Love Araki’s bookChiro, My Love was initially published in 1990 and was entirely dedicated to his cherished cat Chiro. As a matter of truth, the book is a visual and extremely emotional document which follows the last days of the animal. It also includes pictures of Araki’s spouse Yoko who unfortunately passed away prior to the book was released, in addition to a color postcard of a polaroid of Chiro.

The artist recorded the degrading life of the feline and set those images against his naked pictures. These staggering individual files reflect the marvels of life and death and are great examples of how Araki perceived the world around him.

Featured image: Nobuyoshi Araki– Chiro My Love. Image via amazon

  • Nobuyoshi-Araki-–-The-Banquet

The Banquet Shokuji or The Banquet in English is a tribute to his late partner Yoko. The book reveals Araki’s photo-diary of the food they shared together in the last months of her life.

The professional photographer when again made a contrast by juxtaposing brilliant color images of food with a ring flash and a macro lens together with black-and-white images taken in your home after medical professionals informed Araki that his partner had just a month left to live. The book is a homage to loss, and the pictures are followed by an essay by Ivan Vartanian.

Featured image: Nobuyoshi Araki– The Banquet. Image via

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