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Following recent leaks about Microsoft’s new operating system, the tech giant finally introduced Windows 11 to the world. This is its first major software update since 2015.

Over the last year, the way we use our desktops and laptops has shifted significantly, no doubt thanks to the pandemic. Our computers have become the place to do everything: work, attend classes, shop, and connect with family and friends.

Noting the demand for an all-purpose operating system, Microsoft set out to create a version of Windows that would allow its users to create, learn, play, and connect with others in a setting that feels familiar.

The new OS is expected to be available to the public by the holidays, before which developers will be able to access public betas. All Windows 10 users will get a free update to Windows 11.

Scroll on for a quick look at some of its most noteworthy features. More info can be found here.

Android Integration

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One key announcement is that Android apps will now be able to run on Windows. These apps can also be integrated into the user experience, such as by docking them directly into the taskbar. Users can access these apps through the reimagined Microsoft Store – which, surprise, has now been renamed the Amazon Appstore.

A Fully-Redesigned, More Creative Interface

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Aesthetics-wise, Windows 11 delivers a sleeker user interface which “provides a calm and creative space.” According to TechCrunch, even booting up your PC and browsing on the internet should feel faster.

Multi-tasking Snap Layouts

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One of the most highly-anticipated functions is the brand-new Snap Layouts, which allows you to rearrange multiple windows into a single screen, so you can multi-task more efficiently.

Built-In Microsoft Teams

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Another highlight is that the new operating software comes with Microsoft Teams built-in. After recently launching the consumer version of the video conferencing tool, it’s no wonder the firm is introducing it to users from the outset. Teams will essentially become Windows’ FaceTime, allowing all users to connect using the same video conferencing app.

New AI Widgets

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For users who are looking for a more customized experience, the new Windows widgets is a feature that’s sure to delight. It’s a new, personalized feed customized to every single user via AI, serving up curated real-time information such weather and traffic updates.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

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As for the gamers, Windows 11 says it’ll “deliver the best PC gaming experience yet.” The firm says thousands of games will be enhanced with better graphics due to the new Auto HDR feature. Plus, if you’ve already got a Microsoft Game Pass, it’ll now be built-into the operating software too.


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