Navigating the Year in Search | Loop Digital Marketing Ltd

Navigating the Year in Search | Loop Digital Marketing Ltd

Mel is our Partner Strategy & Delivery Manager and also a CIM Chartered Marketer, a testament to her commitment to excellence in the field. But Mel’s contributions don’t stop at the office door. Beyond her professional endeavours, she leads an active life as a qualified run leader and dedicated volunteer. Her experience in these roles has streamlined her leadership and teamwork skills, making her an invaluable asset when it comes to collaborating on projects and ensuring their success. Her sharp insights, strategic thinking, and knowledge have made her a backbone in our team’s ability to drive results for clients in this industry. Mel will make sure that we can approach marketing challenges from all angles and deliver outstanding results for our clients. Posted on 30/01/2024 by Melanie Comerford Navigating the Year in Search As we get to the end of a year, it’s always interesting to look at the top search results. Google has once again unveiled its Year in Search blog, offering a glimpse into all the top searches of the past year. This trove of information reveals the people, films, how-tos, sports events, and burning questions that dominated our online searches. At Loop Digital, we understand the power of SEO in navigating these digital landscapes, and we’re here to share with you the most-searched topics of the year. How SEO Can Help Your Presence Search Engine Optimisation is the compass that directs online traffic. By understanding the most searched-for topics, your content can be front and center online. What Was The Most Searched Film? 1) Oppenheimer The Universal Pictures blockbuster, Oppenheimer was released earlier this year and instantly it was going worldwide. It threw us all back into the second World War. For the first time ever we saw black and white scenes in IMAX alongside a combination of IMAX 65mm and 6mm large format film to create a crystal clear image for this $100 million budget film. 2) Barbie Another film released the same time went up against Oppenheimer for ticket sales. Barbie doubled their marketing budget vs their production budget and it paid off. With over 1.4 billion coming in the Box Office, this film taught us all about modern societal stereotypes and the way women feel. It was a very eye opening film that sold out cinemas around the world. How to…Questions 1) How to Watch the Champions League Final? This year we saw Manchester City take on Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League final. The U.K was on edge and everyone was trying to find out how to watch the match. It ended with Manchester city winning 1-0 with Rodri scoring goal in the 68’ 2) How to Watch Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury? The era of YouTube boxing continues to grow month on month with the long awaited fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. Storylines had been built and a lot of emotion was moving around between the two. In February the cruisers eights had an 8 round boxing match in which we saw Fury win by split decision. 3) How to Turn Off Emergency Alerts? This news split the country down the middle when the government announced it would be testing its emergency alerts on people’s personal devices. It would automatically send out an alert to every phone no matter if it was on silent, airplane mode or in your pocket. It went successfully for the government and they later released it to allow them to quickly get messages to 90% of devices within a defined area. What Was The Most Searched Sporting Event in 2023? 1) Rugby World Cup As it came around again, 2023 was the year for the long awaited Rugby World Cup. We saw match after match as the greats took on other greats in a bid for the trophy. We all watched on the edge of our seats as England made it all the way to the semi-final before being knocked out against South Africa in the dying minutes. 2) Women’s World Cup This year we also had the FIFA Women’s World Cup. It was the most attended edition of the competition ever held, Wikipedia reports. It also saw England get into the semi-final against Australia which was the most watched television broadcast in Australian history. It had an average viewership of 7.13 million and a peak viewership of 11.3 million. When… Questions 1) When is the Coronation? After seeing the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II last year it had been on everyone’s mind… When is the coronation for King Charles? It was then set for 6th May 2023 where we saw the biggest coronation to date and the first coronation for most of the population. 2) When Does Love Island Start? The most important question we asked this year. When does Love Island start? Airing its tenth season in June it is one of the most popular English T.V shows to date. Every year as the summer is underway we all get ready to watch Love Island at 9pm every night, without fail. Subscribe to our updates for the latest insights on boosting your business visibility in online searches. When people are talking about your industry, make sure your business stands out! Ready to take control of your online presence? Book a call with our expert team now, and let’s elevate your business to new heights. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that await your business. Let’s make your mark in the digital landscape together Looking for your next opportunity? Digital marketing careers We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our ever growing team. If you think you’d be a great match for Loop Digital, we’d love to hear from you. Stay in the loop… subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest industry news “*” indicates required fields

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