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by Will Corry
on May 25, 2021
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The job market has been through some major changes since the pandemic. Several new and traditional job roles have grown popular to satisfy the evolving demands of customers. Also, there’s been a trend of professionals looking to switch careers and apply for in-demand job roles.

Businesses are employing organisations with cost-effective CPD accreditation to enhance the skill set of their workforce. Such a training program also gives workers the flexibility to upskill throughout their career and accumulate accolades to show their progress. 

While many jobs have become automated by technology, some job roles are still in demand. People who want to be prospects for such positions have to be able to learn the skills needed to fulfil their role. New data reveals that  1.97% of advertised roles in the current job market are for digital marketing representatives and marketing managers also make up 2% of advertised roles. 

Since early last year, 85,000 businesses introduced their online shops and the majority of buyers and sellers would rather shop online. This need contributes to the rising popularity of digital marketing in such a demanding economic era.

Why are digital marketing roles getting popular?

Nowadays, people prefer shopping online as there is a general belief that online pricing is cheaper. This is true in most cases because online stores are not subjected to some restrictions that physical retailers face when it comes to cost savings. For instance, shopping from e-commerce stores tend to include lesser taxes than with retail shops. 

Besides, anyone can purchase goods from online stores from the comfort of their home and have them delivered to their homes. There are zero inconveniences when shopping online whether in small or large quantities, and you can easily find the exact product you have in mind. Several e-commerce shops have reasonable return policies that help customers resolve issues speedily.

Another advantage that the digital market has over the physical one is that businesses can provide a deeper and wider range of products to customers without the extra cost of storage and transportation. Drop shipment makes it easy for companies to achieve this seamlessly.

Digital marketing roles have been in demand more than ever since the pandemic and it’s not difficult to see why. Across several sectors, companies have moved their operations online to allow for service delivery and collaboration during lockdown periods. 

Following the pandemic, it became increasingly important for businesses to guarantee excellent customer service. Anyone looking to take up this role will have responsibilities such as Product Marketing, Brand Management, and Digital Strategy. Besides, research shows that Digital marketing companies in the UK are expected to invest more in 2021.

Other popular job roles

Other than digital marketing, some job roles are growing in popularity and some of these positions are traditional but their relevance to society has never been more pronounced. Locations, where jobs are most available, include Glasgow, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Cambridge. Here are some of the other popular job roles;

The job market has been witnessing an increase in the demand for experts in machine learning and data science to provide useful insights into data and solve real-life problems for customers. 

Industries that benefit from this field include healthcare and finance. Besides, data scientists and machine learning experts are currently among the top earners in the job market.

Health care specialists have endured a lot of responsibilities through the pandemic and their job roles are still popular. Asides from doctors and nurses, support staff are also highly in-demand as the world adjusts to the new “normal”.

Another field that has grown popular since last is software engineering as companies keep innovating ways to ensure customer service despite restrictions on physical contact. 

Several companies are just indicating their online presence while others are looking to manage theirs, and the service of an experienced software engineer is required for all that. By paying the CPD accreditation cost and finishing the courses, you can prepare yourself for a career switch to the field of software engineering.

With physical contact still under watch, people are switching to online tutorials and special classes to continue their education. Also, there’s been an increase in the general interest of people in learning foreign languages and you can offer to be a language tutor depending on your level of proficiency with it

Following the unexpected happenings of last year including the pandemic, the job market changed. Some job roles became more relevant and one of them is the digital marketing role. Experts in this field can help businesses serve their customers effectively beyond the regulations of the new era.

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