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After a cooking oil shortage in Europe rendered pubs desperate for oil to fry schnitzel, a pub in Munich thought of a clever way to increase its supplies. It has called on its patrons to pay for beer with sunflower oil instead of money.

The Giesinger Brewery in Munich came up with the idea after running out of oil in its kitchen. Ever since the start of the war, supermarkets around Europe have been on an oil dry spell.

This is mainly since Russia and Ukraine are both accountable for 75% of the world’s sunflower and rapeseed oil. Since then, bars have been carefully rationing their oil usage.   

An unfortunate result of this for pubgoers is the lack of schnitzel now being produced. Hence, a call to action has been made by Giesinger as it asks people to bring down their oil, and they’ll receive a free liter of beer.   

Erik Hoffman, the pub manager, tells that the brewery has accumulated a total of 400 liters of sunflower oil so far. It’s amazing how people can rally together in times of need when schnitzels are at stake.   

The barter system seems to be an entirely attractive option as a liter of beer in Germany is €7 (US$7.14) while sunflower seed oil is only €4.50 (US$4.59).   

A customer at the bar tells the news outlet that he had recently brought back 80 liters of sunflower oil from a humanitarian trip to Ukraine and had exchanged the oil for eight crates of beer for his birthday party.   


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