Remote Digital Marketing Jobs – Rock Content

Remote Digital Marketing Jobs - Rock Content

The U.S. labor force got a taste of remote work life with the pandemic, and they liked it. As a result, remote digital marketing jobs have become highly desirable careers in this digital age.

One reason is that these jobs can be done from just about anywhere. You could work as a digital marketing professional while sitting on the beach, at your favorite coffee shop, in your home office, or in a professional workspace.

Today’s brands set aside anywhere from , with half of those funds devoted to digital marketing jobs. That makes sense when you consider that  goes online.

Digital marketing jobs consist of various roles, from freelance writers to executive marketing managers. This article will walk you through the benefits of working in remote digital marketing and provide you with information about jobs in this industry.

In this post, you’ll learn:

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing connects consumers to a product or service. That was true even back when people sold their wares in covered wagons. The concept of marketing doesn’t change, but the methodology has evolved over the centuries.

 is done via the Internet. It involves:

What Is Remote Digital Marketing?

Adding the word “remote” means that a digital marketer works from anywhere other than the company’s office. Generally speaking, when someone hears about remote work, they think of a home office.

Some remote digital marketing jobs are flexible, meaning that staff members can work in or out of the office. In a recent McKinsey & Company American Opportunity Survey,  of respondents said they chose to work remotely if given the option.

Remote work pairs well with digital marketing because everything you do is online. Professionals who choose a career in this field work to conceptualize and create online content for almost every industry.

What Do You Need to Work in Digital Marketing?

A digital marketer needs to possess a working knowledge of:

There are specializations that require more knowledge, though. For example, a content strategist needs to understand metrics, , and data analysis.

You can enter this field without a college education, but it helps you to hold a degree. You could also start on the ground floor and work up to a top-level career, such as being the vice president of digital marketing at a major corporation.

What Do Remote Digital Marketers Do?

That depends on a person’s exact role. For example, a content writer creates the copy that goes into marketing assets like articles, ebooks, or blogs. A content strategist develops marketing campaigns that include content.

Some typical areas of focus for a remote digital marketing job could include:

A person might do all of these things or be part of a team of marketing professionals.

Remote Digital Marketing Jobs

There are many titles and roles associated with remote digital marketing, including entry-level jobs like:

There are also  like:

These are specialized management jobs for experienced professionals. They often involve managing teams of remote marketing specialists.

How Much Can You Make Working Remotely in Digital Marketing?

The pay will vary depending on the employer, whether you work as an independent contractor or employee, and your work experience. Indeed states that the  is $62,299. Reported incomes range from $36,514 to $106,293.

How to Get Started in a Remote Digital Marketing Job

If you have an education in digital marketing, you might be able to begin at a midlevel team management job. Most people, though, will with an entry-level or freelance position. Even then, you might need some experience.

Content writing is a practical place to start if you have some experience in SEO or digital marketing. Some people who already have day jobs choose to pick up content writing as a side gig.

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