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SDBotox is a fast-growing medical aesthetic provider that specializes in treatments for Botox and cosmetic procedures.

Although most medical service providers and manufacturers have the resources to invest in intelligent marketing—medical, health and wellness SEO is still a tough nut to crack. When we took on a new, but a groundbreaking client that provided top-notch medspa treatments in our home city, we were aware of the competitive landscape before implementing our technical SEO strategy.

We needed to see our client on page one for their main treatment. But to do this, we had to develop a strategy that could grow the site’s authority from scratch while only using sustainable and ethical white-hat practices. As with most new websites, a robust long-tail keyword targeting strategy was essential.

Bottom line: Increase ‘qualified’ organic traffic to website resulting in more impressions, online bookings and phone calls.

By leveraging the more detailed and nuanced long-tail queries of searchers we could steadily increase the flow of traffic to our domain. We did this by targeting the right keywords in on-page and off-site work, adding high-quality content that potential customers found useful.

In general, the outline of our strategy focused on:

The data below depicts the organic traffic levels showing record highs each month CNG Digital has worked on the account starting in late November 2017. We can clearly see that traffic remained stagnate prior to CNG and then a dramatic increase in search results took effect once we implement our strategy.

The steady flow of traffic from long-tail keyword optimization built the site’s authority in the eyes of Google, Bing and other search engines. This authority eventually allowed SDBotox to cut through the noise and rank for highly competitive keywords.

Keyword Google Page Ranking Search Volume
san diego Botox 1 250
Botox in San Diego 1 20
Jawline Reduction 1 200
does laser stretch mark removal work 1 100
Botox treatment areas 1 450
Botox san diego 1 30
Best botox san diego 1 100
Lip fillers san diego 1 150
botox aftercare 1 300
Disport vs xeomin 1 150
Latisse eyebrow 1 150
Lip injections san diego 1 250
Forehead dermal 1 100

We focused, analyzed and improved several fundamental areas to achieve technical SEO success for our client. For example, strong emphasis was placed on the following SEO components:

Finally, the graph below illustrates SDBotox return for their organic search investment with CNG. As you can see, they’ve experienced a significant positive return (or ROI) in the first six months we’ve worked on the account.

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