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About Floridian Real Estate Group

Floridian Real Estate Group, owned by Greg Cadwallader and Nate Trombetti, provides a seamless experience for customers looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate properties. Before starting their own property management business, the owners spent decades working in Florida’s residential and commercial real estate sectors.

Floridian Real Estate Group investigates and evaluates on and off-market land and properties for investors looking to buy and build pre-existing homes. The business makes use of its twenty years of experience in the industry and its exceptional knowledge of market economic cycles.

The Problem

The Floridian Real Estate Group is a reputable company with years of experience in the real estate industry. However, the main problem is that they don’t have a strong online presence and a website to represent their brand.

Another problem is that the company doesn’t have an online reputation yet, so potential customers may not trust them as much as other companies. It would also be great for the business to have more detailed information about the company and its services instead of just listing off properties for sale.

The company wants to utilize digital marketing to help them reach customers who are already looking for properties in Florida and those who haven’t heard about them before. Floridian Real Estate Group needed a web design company in Altamonte Springs, FL. So they contacted Auxilia.

The Solution

Auxilia web agency built the Real Estate Group’s website as a portal for all its online marketing. The online platform provides information about the company’s real estate and management services. The website was designed to appeal to potential clients and encourage them to book an appointment with the company.

The user-friendly website features clean content, easy navigation, and high-quality images to channel website visitors to their menu page so they can see what other services they offer. The site also includes integrated SEO and digital marketing techniques to increase web traffic.

The website can help real estate businesses to grow their leads by featuring:

TemperaturePro Orlando provides the highest quality HVAC services in Orange County, FL

TemperaturePro Orlando is a woman-owned HVAC franchise. They service the Orange County, FL area of Greater Orlando, and seek to give each customer fair, reasonably priced, thorough and knowledgable service. Their technicians bring a combined 20+ years of experience to each customer’s home. As a mom and pop, they are intimate with their customers and seek to ensure that they do everything possible to fix what can be fixed, and cost cautiously replace what must be replaced. If their preventative maintenance service could prevent future issues, they gladly help the customer implement that, too.

While they can work on, replace, or service any brand of air conditioning coil, evaporator, or thermostat. They commonly service, repair, and install the following brands:

Let’s face it, they’re in Orlando, Florida, so they can and do work on heaters but typically they’re working on AC or HVAC systems. They do this in a residential and commercial setting. If you think about your home’s AC system, it includes the coil outside, the evaporator in the house but then it also includes the ductwork in a home. Those ducts can get filled with dust, debris, and allergens. This is something that TemperaturePro is able to assist with. That aside, commonly, homeowners will use them for:

Auxilia builds TemperaturePro Orlando a website built for SEO and PPC

TemperaturePro Orlando came to Auxilia because they’re current marketing wasn’t working. They were forced by their parent company, TemperaturePro, to use their recommended company. This “recommended” company, unfortunately, did not take care of them. Their website lacked clarity and definition. Many times the wrong content was embedded into the wrong pages. Their keywords were not properly researched, defined, and implemented into the correct pages. Their former “SEO” company had recycled blogs from other franchise locations that brought about a duplicate content issue with Google. It really hurt their domain authority and reputation with Google.

Auxilia pointed out a host of issues beyond what was just mentioned. The bottom line was, they needed help! They were spending an enormous amount of money, their domain was losing credibility with Google, their phone wasn’t ringing, and they didn’t know where to turn. They offered the best AC service in Orlando but that message was not getting out to the Orlando community.

What TemperaturePro needed was a website specifically built for SEO & PPC and they needed a company that could help them regain credibility with Google. Their website design was simple: a home page, service pages, a reviews page, a blog page, service location pages, and a contact page. That is it! There was no need for filler material and filler pages. We used company provided imagery and through our wonderful content writer, we composed in-depth service pages and service location pages. We also removed all of the bogus blog material from the other company.

The rebuilding process

It’s really a sad story. This sweet lady wished to provide awesome AC service to Orlando but her website was poorly constructed and the message was poorly communicated. Her domain authority and trust score with Google was lower and worse off than a brand new domain. So we had a lot to do. We set her on a track with SEO service geared at building her domain authority and trust with Google, and also content that thoroughly described her company’s ability to do quality work for a fair price.

Auxilia has written several blogs for her that target her secondary keywords, the content pages describe their services and utilize their keywords, and the location pages help them rank in the local cities throughout Orange County, FL. We are pleased to say that within a short amount of time our SEO attempts have grown her backlinks and content to help her get leads through her website. Mission accomplished!

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