SEC Cautions Individuals on Paysbook E-Commerce System Co. Ltd .

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released an alerting about the financial investment plan of Paysbook E-Commerce System Co. The SEC alerts everyone due to the fact that of that their actions of soliciting from investors or members are unregistered and uncontrolled; meaning, there is no security of the investment and such.However, based on the

SEC, Paysbook is registered in their database as offering Information Innovation and computer services, not by obtaining investments from prospective financiers or users.Arjay Gallenero, the creator of Paysbook E-Commerce

System Co., is offering online investments to individuals who are enticed by the concept of cryptocurrencies. The method of earning is simple that the SEC really ended up being doubtful of exactly what the concept is. According to the information they have actually collected, Paysbook operates a website where its members can earn by visiting and back out and by recruiting other people to the system.Read: Investment Rip-offs Online You Had To See Out For This is rather like pyramiding or earning without doing anything genuine or real. In addition to that,

members can earnevery time they like, share, publish, and even comment using their Paysbook accounts.How do investors or members earn through the Paysbook investment plan?According to the SEC, they had the ability to get a detailed procedure on how people can earn through the guarantee of Paysbook. It is listed as follows:1. The investor is needed to create

a Paysbook account in their website ( (username of offeror); 2. After producing an account, the investor will be given a registration page. This registration page will ask the financier to complete the needed fields andinput the following: First Call, Surname, Username, Email Address, Password and

Mobile Number 3. Doing the entire registration procedure will enable an individual or a financier to earn around Php300.00. To include to that and for them to really make earnings, they will have to acquirean activation code from an upline or employer. This needs an amount of Php1, 000.00 to acquire it;

4. After doing all of those, a Paysbook account owner will now be qualified for the financial investment strategy and can earn through the following: Sign-in Reward. This was the Php300.00 which we had the ability to go over earlier Log-in Reward. A financier will earn Php50.00 per log-in;

they’re limited to two log-ins per day for six days.Log-out Reward. Similar to the log-in benefit, an investor will make Php50. 00 for simply logging out of the system. This makes them Php50. 00 as well.Posting Reward.

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