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Image via Nimbus

The ‘Nimbus One’ is an electric vehicle that solves many of the problems that electric bikes and motorcycles possess. The automobile designed by Nimbus is a single-seater that mashes both motorcycle and car into one. 

The “car” is a fully enclosed EV equipped with two doors and a roof. However, it’s about the width and length of a motorcycle. This makes it perfect for weaving in and out of inner-city traffic. 

Image via Nimbus

The Nimbus One also has just three wheels instead of four. And perhaps its most interesting feature is its ability to lean to sides as it takes corners, powered by a proprietary tilting technology, which sets it apart from other microcars on the market. 

But since it only has three wheels, under US law, it is classified as an auto-cycle. This means that the vehicle will not have to pass stringent laws to be approved for the market. What’s more, riders won’t need a motorcycle license to drive it; just a regular car license would suffice. 

Urban living has driven the Michigan electric company to develop a motor vehicle that can adapt to the stresses of the city while easing the worries of its owners. It has a top speed of 50 mph and a 9 kWh battery with a range of 93 miles.

The cabin of the Nimbus One includes a display screen, heating, and air conditioning, Bluetooth speakers, powered windows, and front-collision warning. 

Image via Nimbus

A Level 2 charger will get it fully powered up in an hour and a half, while regular chargers will take upwards of five hours. Batteries can also be removed and charged in the driver’s home. It should be noted that this auto-cycle is not meant for highway use.   

Nimbus is looking at a 2023 launch date. However, it has yet to be decided which city will be seeing these motorcycle-slash-cars hit the roads. The current estimated price is US$9,980.


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