Synup Releases Revolutionary New Local Listings Scan Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies

Local search visibility is a key determinant of success for brands, and businesses triumph if they approach it from every angle. The scan tool empowers agencies to show clients a more holistic view of their online presence.

When improving clients’ local visibility, digital marketing agencies start with the consistency and accuracy of listing information. When pitching prospective clients, it’s challenging and time-consuming to check a brand’s listings for accuracy. With the scan tool, agencies can reveal whether a client’s listing information is consistent across locations. Remedying inconsistencies provides a foundation for client success, enhancing profile visibility and attracting a larger customer base. Agencies can see their prospects’ search engine rankings, measuring success against competitors and highlighting areas of opportunity.

About the scan tool’s local listings functionality, CTO Vinod Sankar said: “Local listings accuracy is the foundation of Synup’s platform. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-location behemoth, maintaining accurate and consistent listings across platforms is the #1 driver of local search visibility. We wanted to streamline the process for our agency partners by bringing this functionality into a white-labeled tool. Now, our partners can increase their conversion rates with prospective clients and provide better assistance to their existing clientele.”

The scan tool enables brands to capitalize on the rising popularity of voice assistants with its voice search optimization scan. With one click, prospects can tap into the rapidly growing user base of voice assistant users, and agencies can position themselves as leaders in voice search optimization. The scan assesses listing optimization for Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Siri, and Google Home.

Beyond local listings, the scan also evaluates review visibility and performance data. The review visibility score fetches key metrics from sources like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor to display a holistic view of a brand’s reputation. Agencies can assess client performance against competitor benchmarks, encouraging them to proactively manage and address feedback to build a positive online reputation.

The social visibility score marks a transformative change in the way businesses evaluate their online presence. Social media undeniably influences brand visibility and performance. Synup’s social visibility score fetches key metrics from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to identify areas for improvement and compare against competitors.

Roshan Agarkar, Senior Director of Product, stated: “Brands often neglect some aspect of their online presence. Whether it’s responding to reviews, updating their listings, or focusing on their social media presence, it all makes an impact on their overall visibility and engagement. We’re proud to provide a tool that covers all the bases – from voice search to social media performance. The new scan tool empowers agencies and their customers to understand how they measure up to the competition, and find the right strategy to achieve better results.”

Synup’s scan tool seeks to promote success with overall performance insights, empowering agencies to convert clients while enabling their customers to establish a robust online presence. Agencies can demonstrate their data-driven approach, delivering tailored strategies to enhance their prospects’ visibility and achieve better outcomes.

With the scan tool, agencies can convert prospects into paying customers with comprehensive, convincing metrics and a clearly outlined pathway to success. Agencies and brands can gain access to Synup’s new scan tool here.

About Synup:

Synup is a global leader in listings and reputation management solutions, helping businesses across various industries streamline their online presence and customer interactions. Synup’s innovative platform combines advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, with intuitive user interfaces, enabling businesses to manage their listings, respond to reviews, and engage with customers effortlessly. With a commitment to customer success, Synup continues to drive digital transformation for businesses worldwide.

Its social arm, Synup Social, is an industry-leading social media management platform that enables businesses and digital agencies to optimize their social media presence. With a variety of innovative features and user-friendly interfaces, Synup Social empowers users to streamline their social media strategies, engage their audience, and generate significant results.

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