The 4 Secrets Needed to Put Digital Marketing Pharma Companies Into Action in Ramadan [MENA]

Digital marketing in Ramadan is unlike any time of the year. The consumer purchase behavior is distinguishable, the level of consumption varies, and the type of products that people consume are not the same.

Here are a few statistics:

 And here are a few doubts we should clarify regarding the digital marketing of pharmaceutical products during Ramadan. 

Digital Marketing Or Mass Media

Many advertisers spend most of their budget on the mass market, e.g., TV. During the holy month, marketing should not be treated with the mass market mindset. It is best to meet people where they spend their time the most. People’s behavior has changed a lot. They’re more digitally intelligent than ever. This direction is clearly visible during Ramadan. So, it is wise to direct messages to social media, where people spend most of their time. The best thing about digital marketing is the ability to target an audience. It allows for customer segmentation based on:

What Type Of Content 

Based on studies, video content is the most type of content people consume during the holy month in the Middle East and North Africa. YouTube video views increased by 200 million in MENA alone just in 2015. Yet, many marketers still focus on traditional media like prints and TV ads. It is strongly advisable to invest in video marketing and show up on a platform like YouTube in Ramadan to make the best use of a campaign and maximize the earned media or make the most out of paid ads. This is how brands can create the most outstanding ideas so people will remember them.

Setting The Right Goal

Many brands might assume they haven’t reached their target. Before reaching any conclusions, it is best to set the right key insights to track from the beginning. For instance, if you’re aiming to lead people to a landing page, the key insights can be the number of visitors, the duration of the stay, the most visited pages, and what led them to the page. If the target is to make more sales using paid media, then, it can be which ads are working, and how much you are spending to acquire one customer. And finally, if a brand wants to publish awareness campaigns for example, then tracking things like impressions, mentions, followers, and engagements would make sense.

Whether It Is A Good Time To Fix The Unmet Needs Of Consumers

A big season like Ramadan is the best time to connect with customers after filling a need they were missing in a brand. After identifying their most prominent need and knowing how to fulfill it, it is time to align the messaging with the new features that you added.

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