The best ways to Launch Your E-Commerce Empire for $100 (or less).

No, it’s not a clickbait title and yes, beginning with $100 can get you an actual running store.In this post I’ll go through every step you have to take to get your shop up and running and explain the costs involved.Granted, to keep the expenses down you’ll do all the heavy lifting however hello, absolutely nothing beneficial ever comes simple so let’s dive right in … 1. The Product It may feel odd for some that I would go about explaining the best ways to release a$100 shop and start with the product however reality is, the site, domain, logo everything has to be tailored to fit the product you are trying to sell. The success or failure of your company will rely on your ability to pick the proper item and the best market so do not skip over this step.Here’s a quick way to verify your concept: Go to Google Trends and type in a word that describes your product, eg for hosting Serverless I ‘d be remiss not to discuss serverless in this discussion as this is something that has been yapped about in the current months and we have actually seen big names in E-commerce move their operations to the cloud, companies like Zalora. Zalora moved whatever to AWS, site, mobile apps, storage facility operations, whatever is running of EC2, S3, Lambda, and RedShift. They are the biggest merchant in Asia with over 20 million users and yet, their entire facilities development team is composed of 3 people, which for anyone comprehending the difficulties running such a big site can say it’s amazing!This is done through AWS Lambda, a service launched by Amazon that lets you upload small pieces of code that work as microservices, called functions– for this reason the term Functions as a Service or FaaS. They essentially do a really particular task that your site sets off, returning an easy result. The technology behind it guarantees to permit designers to develop sites and apps without having to stress over the backend or the infrastructure, all while keeping the costs at an all-time low.There are 3 huge reasons for switching to a serverless structure: cost, development speed

and scalability.

There are business saving tens of thousands of dollars a month after changing to serverless and approximately 77%faster delivery speed of the products. Take a look at this case study on how serverless saves money in comparison to

standard hosting solutions. Poor site performance is now determined in terms of lost consumers and revenues– Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA 4. Branding If I ‘d were to say branding is very important I ‘d be grossly understating it. I will say that a strong logo design and branding will make up the foundation of your effective shop. So how can you build one that shows your business’s image while still looking expert?

Well, the easy method would be to throw loan at it, however we don’t roll like that, so we’ll be doing this ourselves.The very first place to begin is to search for motivation and you do this by going through style and branding websites taking a look at the existing trends, tutorials and any tips or tricks that will help you in this undertaking. My tip would be to start with websites like or and after that attempt to broaden your search to Pinterest.Alright, you now have a concept of exactly what you require however you aren’t going to pay a few hundred dollars each month for Photoshop since that will blow the entire budget we have actually set for ourselves. So exactly what we do is we register with It’s complimentary and it will get you began quite fast. After enjoying a 1-minute tutorial you’ll be ready to begin developing your first logo.Don’t stop at one. Make two or 3 and reveal them to a number of good friends to obtain feedback. After choosing the winner get back to and make a couple of more: one that has transparency; one that is all black; and one that is all white.

You can use the color one for your site and the rest you’ll use to watermark catalog images

(I do not truly recommend using watermarks

on product images

however if you definitely have to, put them in a corner somewhere) service cards, social networks posts, etc. You get the point.Cost $0 5. Marketing Steps Alright, we practically made it. There’s just one little step ahead of us. And by little I in fact imply the most crucial thing you’ll wind up doing for your business.SEO Let’s begin with something basic: on page SEO, sounds simple enough, right? Well, not precisely.

There are a great deal of moving parts when it comes to SEO and I won’t have time to go into much detail but I will let you with< a href= rel= nofollow > this remarkable infographic that will teach you practically all you need.Social Media You probably know this by select the finest products you have in your shop and develop a carousel.

Have at least

4 products therein. Select a small audience with the demographic that fits your niche and location a$5 limit on the ad costs. You’ll have around a week to modify the advertisement and if you have the right combination of audience and item, opportunities are you’ll have made your first sell by now.The Grand Total If you do the mathematics, opting for a self-hosted option will cost around$ 50 to host(for a 5 or 6 month period ), add to that$ 10 for the domain and you get to$60. You’ll have to host it yourself, do all the upkeep and setup however you get to have about 6 months to make up your investment.Going with a SaaS will cost

around$60 but you will be done and ready to enter a number of days which is terrific if you do not wish to hang around learning how to code or set up a CMS. The downside here is that your $50 will cover only that very first month which contributes to the pressure of making a few sells(which shouldn’t be a problem). Featured image via Depositphotos.

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