The Digital Marketing Agency Case Study Never to be Forgotten

The Digital Marketing Agency Case Study Never to be Forgotten

Digital marketing agency plays a vital role in the promotion of services and goods. A digital marketing company has indeed much to contribute to the profit-making business of a company.

It is interesting to know about a top Indian digital marketing agency case study, at least one of the best as this exposes the operations of the digital market. Businessmen keen on augmenting their income and profits would like to know more about this subject.

Any company be it a small company or perhaps a large scale based would certainly hope for online followers for their business. It is an ideal job of marketers to create such kinds of innovative campaigns that not only draw people’s attention but also make them comment about the brands to peers as well.

A digital marketing company is no doubt acknowledged as being a creative industry that does help businesses to get in touch with prospects via online mediums. With this kind of advancement and more use of social media, anyone from anywhere can indeed get in touch with the company and also share their experiences, proposals, message, services, complaints, etc. just with a click.

In present times, businesses do understand the complexity of online platforms and also try to take good advantage of the same to share products as well as services summed with innovative marketing strategies.

It is interesting to observe a particular case study that does highlight the intricate operations of the digital marketing system.

Case Study: How Does The Ministry of Food Processing (Govt. Of India) try to spread awareness about World Food India via social media platforms?

In 2017, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries which happens to be a ministry of the Government of India has been looking for various ways to promote and also spread awareness about World Food India.

The Ministry did want to promote India as the world’s food factory. They desperately did require a way out where they could of course interact and also raise not only awareness about the same but also educate Indians on how India the largest producer of food and also food products, suffers from an acute shortage of food.

India happens to be the fastest-growing economy in the world, yet 40% of its food production is wasted annually. Therefore, the country especially the youth does need to experience an awakening regarding the same and World Food Day was no doubt the ideal time to start it.

Then of course, the Ministry tried to analyze the fact that the youth is highly approachable on social media platforms, and naturally, they need to look out for innovative digital marketing case studies to reach them directly.

For the same, they did hire a digital marketing agency that designed a very creative marketing strategy that highlighted food wastage and how to tackle it. The agency did target the audience with creative posts and also engaging campaigns with hashtags.

It would also be interesting to observe the facts about another case study to appreciate the above-mentioned case and its importance in a digital marketing context.

Study : Amazon India The Great Indian Freedom Sale

When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, a client is unable to ignore e-commerce companies. During the same independence celebration, the top-hole brand Amazon India did go in for innovative marketing strategies with goods ads and also offers and thus using them wisely on social media.

The campaign being talked about does indicate online marketing campaigns, especially in e-commerce industries, and their importance.

Amazon India’s The Great Indian Freedom sale had organized the contest which involved fun activities and also the contestant got shopping vouchers from the company. The campaign was known as #10KeBaadKarenge, and in this, the people tried to push their shopping plans after the 10th of August due to Amazon sales.


The digital marketing company has much to contribute in terms of profits and higher business growth.

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