The Newest Innovation in Digital Marketing Is Strategic Scalable Search

The Newest Innovation in Digital Marketing Is Strategic Scalable Search

Introducing The Local Agency™, a new local search solution for businesses looking to expand

NEW YORK, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Launching a new business is challenging and costly for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs to drive visibility, traffic and sales. Most business owners spend up to 20 hours a week¹ on digital marketing and work with multiple vendors to navigate the process to see results. It’s time consuming, frustrating and can be confusing and difficult to execute. Knowing this, Ryan Klein, Founder and CEO of The Local Agency™, realized that there was a better, more efficient way to help local companies overcome the stress of marketing their business online on their own.

This fall, Klein is introducing The Local Agency, a team of search strategists that offers a streamlined process that quickly and effectively works to scale and increase companies’ awareness and visibility to drive sales and traffic through optimizing Google Business Profiles. Through its proven search strategies, The Local Agency can push the sales potential of revenue-generating assets such as Google Business Profiles and local optimized website pages by over 400%, helping businesses win locally.

“The Local Agency is the future of digital marketing and unique because we go beyond traditional Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click options. We have a proven process to help businesses streamline online marketing strategies and bring them all together for an effective way to drive Local Share of Voice, traffic and sales. We do the work so you can do business,” said Klein.

The Local Agency and its team have reinvented, optimized and streamlined the search process for franchise and multi-location business owners, boosting Google Business Profile rankings up significantly. This new, innovative approach to search marketing is moving the needle for local businesses across the United States by targeting the exact ranking signals that gain competitive local map pack rankings.  

Klein and his team have their finger on the latest search trends; “Near Me” or “Close By” searches have grown by more than 200% over the past two years. Seventy-two percent of consumers that did a local search visited a store within five miles and 28% have higher intent to make a purchase within 24 hours². Knowing that search is a winning marketing tactic that is here to stay, The Local Agency is leading the way with its unique and optimized approach to search strategies.

“We are proud to be leading the forefront for specifically, scalable search strategies. Our approach and proven process is unlike other services out there. Our goal is to help local businesses succeed by creating customized search campaigns that deliver results and make business locations number one in their respective city,” said Paul Warren, Vice President of Business Development.

By utilizing The Local Agency and its team of search and scale experts, local business and franchise owners will see a significant improvement in their online rankings, driving business and sales to win against the competition. For more information and to learn more about scalable search visit

About The Local Agency
The Local Agency is a new integrated search marketing firm that is focused on scaling and growing businesses quickly, effectively and directly, by driving traffic and sales with a proven and strategic search process. Our team of local search strategists and leaders have helped hundreds of business owners oversee and optimize their Google Business Profiles to drive local share of voice, foot traffic, sales and revenue with a proven, streamlined process. You can visit for more information on our services and to get in touch with our team.

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