The Power of Customer Testimonials in Digital Marketing

The Power of Customer Testimonials in Digital Marketing

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The Power of Customer Testimonials in Digital Marketing

Originally published: August 06, 2023 10:35:07 AM, updated: August 06, 2023 10:37:42 AM

As more and more options for products and services are introduced every day, it’ll take a lot of work to compete with those experienced businesses who had been in the field way earlier. This can pose an obstacle for those who want to start their own business but aren’t sure of what to do to call in customers. If you are one of them, this article may be right for you as we dive into the ‘Social Proof Theory’ and how to add it to your startup’s digital marketing ideas.

What is Social Proof?

Introduced by psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini, Social Proof is a theory stating that if a person does not know the proper behavior towards a situation, they will look to others as a guide for their actions. It describes the human tendency to rely on others’ opinions or efforts to make their own. In this sense, we humans follow what the masses decide to do, as we tend to believe that a specific behavior or act must be correct if a large group of people does it too.

In the digital marketing world, it has been a helpful tool to guide consumers to purchase products such as personal necessities or availing services like future-proofing Salesforce by providing evidence that other consumers have used and enjoyed what we offer. Also known as informational social influence, it is the art of leveraging the experiences and opinions of previous customers to attract new ones. It validates a customer’s choice, proving that the offered product or service is worth their interest, time, and money by using others’ testimonials and recommendations.

Types of Social Proof

Customer Testimonials

Considered the classic type of social proof, these are reviews left by previous customers as they share their experience or thoughts on the product and/or service’s quality and value. Although the most common, they can be impactful if appropriately used. All you need for this is authenticity, details, and sometimes real customer information, which can help establish the trust and credibility consumers are looking for.

Expert Recommendations

A recommendation from someone who works in the field of your market target can be another type of credibility a potential customer may be looking for. Experts are different from previous consumers or friends; they know all the dos and don’ts really well. Hence, having this type of social proof, especially in a tricky field that concerns a person’s health and the like, will be helpful for your business.


Although a bit similar to the recommendations of an expert, the main difference is that certification/awards will not come from an individual but from a third-party entity. This evidence can certify that your business and/or products are identified by the agency, safe to use, and efficient, therefore adding trust to both your business and product/s. The most common examples under this category are FDA approval, ISO certification, Twitter verification, etc.

Influencer Endorsements

No one should ever underestimate the power of influencers or celebrities alike as digital marketing tools, especially with the younger generation, who mostly look forward to the endorsements of their idols. Although not an expert leader in the field, their popularity and followers can be a highly effective way to boost brand awareness and sales. However, choosing an endorser that aligns with the brand’s values and target audience is important to maintain the business’ credibility.

Benefits of Customer Testimonials

Provide social proof for new clients

As the e-commerce and online shopping market continuously rise, customers have become more reliant on other consumers’ opinions when purchasing a product or availing of a particular service. Customers will look online for testimonials on their desired item or service. This is social proof in action.

As former clients leave their thoughts on their purchase, it gives insight to those interested and helps the business to affirm to customers that their offered services are worth it. Some might think that only positive reviews should be posted as they can reassure potential clients of their purchase decision, but negative testimonials have their function too. Negative reviews can serve as valuable feedback to businesses in improving their products and services.

Improve the business’ SEO

The ratings and reviews of your clients can appear in search engine results, making more visibility for the business as these can be shared and republished anywhere online. Customer testimonials through a third-party service such as (Google, Amazon, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc.) can be highly beneficial.

Increase brand awareness and reputation

Startups will have it tough to compete with known businesses in their respective fields. This is why anything that can bring brand awareness and a good reputation is an asset to the company, customer testimonials included. No matter how strongly you can portray your brand’s importance, usefulness, and trustworthiness, having someone else speak on your behalf is much more powerful than delivering it yourself.

It can be used in digital marketing strategies

As stated above, such testimonials can be shared and reproduced anywhere. It would be best to add them to your chosen digital marketing strategy, whether on social media, emails, or paid advertisements. It can encourage email subscribers to avail what the business offers, present the product or service on social media on behalf of the business, or even on paid ads.

Leveraging Social Proof for Success

If your business goal is to connect with your target audience, achieve your desired sales, and establish a reputable name, social proof is the road to that success. Social proof is a highly effective tool in providing potential clients with the needed evidence and confidence to make a desired purchase decision. It can also offer these interested consumers to overcome any hesitations or objections they have in mind.

In addition to your present digital marketing strategies, trust and credibility can be built with your clientele. Sales, brand awareness, and reputation will multiply, too, if used properly. It is important to note that the key to this is authenticity, which can be done if you carefully pick your target audience, endorser, and third-party services.

Undoubtedly, digital marketing will continue to evolve, and leveraging social proof in your business will remain effective and crucial to your success.

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