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When Thinx first hit the market, it was a revolutionary idea. After decades of pads and tampons being the only options for period care, there was now an eco-friendly alternative. The New York-based feminine hygiene brand catapulted period underwear into the spotlight. Not only does this alternative give persons who menstruate a reusable option, but it also protects against odor and leaks, providing more comfort.

However, there has still been a lack of accessibility when it comes to the plus-size community’s relationship with period-care products. Thinx, leading the charge, has now made improvements to be its plus-size offerings.

According to Byrdie, not only has the brand released extended sizes for its more affordable Target ‘Thinx For All’ collection, but it has also just launched updated plus-size options across its signature styles. Ranging from XS to 4X, Thinx has redesigned its lineup with true plus-size dimensions.

This means that apart from increasing the size of the underwear, each style was tested on menstruating bodies of all sizes to analyze fit and function. Thinx said it paid attention to how the hip, waist, and legs fit, in order for users to get the most optimal protection.

“We recognize the plus-size community has been overlooked in period care, and it’s important for us to help bridge that gap for those who want to be part of our brand. We’ve taken the time to listen and put in the work to make sure our new line fits properly and addresses the feedback we received in the past,” Thinx CEO Maria Molland said.

While there is still more to be done to make period-care products more inclusive to plus-size individuals and more accessible to all menstruating persons, Thinx’s redesign is definitely a step in the right direction.Take a look at the collection here.

Image via Thinx

Image via Thinx


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