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Few things are more depressing than spending your valuable time and effort creating some new content that we hope will attract large numbers of viewers who ‘get us’ and then become curious enough to form a connection with us and read more of our stuff…
…and then all we hear is crickets…and the distant wooshing sound of people passing by our post.
It hurts…and can make us feel like we are wasting our time, or worse, that marketing is all bollocks in the first place.
So we try all the obvious stuff, we search on Google for the answer (get confused by conflicting advice), try some ‘tips’ or even buy into the advice of a guru or two (expensive snake oil).
Still nowt.
There is a reason why this happens…and I promise you that it is pretty easy to fix with simple steps at the end of the post. (Jump to that if you want, but you will miss all the swearing and stupid jokes).

The main reason why people ignore your content.

Simply put.  Limited amount of fucks to give (technical term)
Think about you…and why you don’t spend all of your time scrolling carefully reading each post in your feed one after another.
You don’t have time…right?
You are well busy/never have time/need to see a non-binary person about a dog.
So much so….you always scroll really fucking fast to get to the good stuff that will entertain/educate/offend you.
( I am serious about that last one – some people LOVE to HATE read stuff…if thats you, thank you…you have no idea how valuable you are).
You hurry to get to the – whatever that may be for you.
And, your customers are exactly the same.  In a hurry, stressed, looking for meaning in a uncaring and impersonal world.
Updates on your current product offer might not, y’know…be remotely fucking interesting
…aaaand THAT is why people ignore your content.

The special sauce you are not using.

In a recent post I talked about becoming somebody’s favourite, being someones favourite is awesome and should be the main target for all of your marketing activity.
You simply can’t be someones favourite unless you are RELEVANT to them.
Think about it…unless you are a farmer you won’t need a favourite farming implement
Same for jam makers and/ or doggers…if you know what a dogging implement is, you might have to explain it to the rest of the room…and me, while you are at it
..but you get my drift
Relevance is the magic ingredient to generating attention. You cant sell a sandwich to someone who isn’t hungry – in this case the timing of the message is how you make it relevant.. we buy sandwiches for now. 
We  do the supermarket ‘big shop’ for the future – so the messaging needs to be different…can you see how that works?

So how relevant are you (to your punters)?

Don’t worry, your mum still loves you…I promise
For everyone else relevance is…massively contextual. (sorry)
The context is determined by the two types of attention urgency and importance) and once you know which context is currently driving your customers – you can generate your content to capitalise on their search for meaningful information and ensnare their attention.

The Takeaway:

Generally relevance comes in the following flavours:
Marketing…simply put…is attraction. 
Getting people interested in you…people only have a limited amount of fucks to give per day…and are getting tighter by the day in spending them.
In any situation where outcomes are unclear, we use relevance as a touchstone to get started to make what we want happen.
Using one of the triggers above can help you cut through the noise and stand out as being special for your audience

Can you see how this could work for you?

Can you see how this could work for you?

I have a to help you with all of this…if you might find that useful?

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