Thought Leaders in E-Commerce: TrueCommerce CEO, Ross Elliott (Part 2)

Idea Leaders in E-Commerce: TrueCommerce CEO, Ross Elliott (Part 2)

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 17th 2018

Sramana Mitra: What sectors are you huge in? What sectors are embracing your methodology?Ross Elliott: If I showed you the chart, you would say we are very cross-market. If you narrow it down, you ‘d find that the biggest single group of customers on our business remain in the industrial organisation. These are individuals that sell electrical materials, plumbing devices, heating, and air-conditioning. We have actually got 2 types of the manufacturer community. We’ve got 10 or 12 of the top 25 electrical producers globally. The 2nd neighborhood would be for things like consumer-packaged goods. These are individuals like Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble. We have the smaller business that supply people like & Walmart, Target, Costco in North America and a range of the very same types of companies in UK.Sramana Mitra: Do you have any kind of formal relationship with QuickBooks to

get to this client base or did you obtain these small businesses individually?Ross Elliott: There’s a couple of different methods to typify that. We are one of QuickBooks’ endorsed partners. When you

purchase QuickBooks and go into EDI, you’re in fact adding us. We work very closely with them. The bigger photo beyond QuickBooks is, we have the very same kind of relationship with many of the other little to mid-market ERP companies both in The United States and Canada and globally.We have strong relationships with NetSuite, Microsoft, Sage, and SAP. We are embedded in all of their applications so that when someone requires this sort of connection, we make it very simple for them to get on the network. So the on-boarding is really quick and extremely simple. They have this 90,000-connected community readily available to them from a transparency viewpoint to do company with. Once you’re on the network, you have access to all the applications that we’ve developed that are network-centric. Sramana Mitra: Obviously, we are a large network of small businesses here. Exist specific things that you do to present a new supplier? If it’s a small company that’s pertaining to the marketplace with a new product, do you help them, in any method, find channels and link wholesalers to retailers?Ross Elliott: We have actually had pretty good luck with Shark Tank winners. If somebody purchased by one of the sharks discover themselves having an item that’s identifiable due to the fact that of the exposure, they will have a better chance to go to a standard merchant. They’ll find that they don’t have an easy way to do business.They connect and find us. We get together with them and at the beginning help facilitate their on-boarding onto our network and after that making those connections with one, two, or three of the sellers that are going to bring their product. That’s what we do today.Secondly, exactly what we do a little bit of today and plan to do a lot more of in the future is based on algorithms. We take a look at the kind of company that they are. We determine if I remained in that sector and I were connected, who were the likely other trading partners that may make good sense for them?We can provide a little a consulting service that stated,” If you’re doing service with Walmart, have you believed about doing company with Target? “That’s an easy example. We cannot help make the offer. They’ve got to connect from a selling perspective and build a relationship. We can certainly help assist in the circulation of information.This sector is part 2 in the series: Idea Leaders in E-Commerce: TrueCommerce CEO, Ross Elliott

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