Top 10 Businesses for Which Digital Marketing is a Must

Top 10 Businesses for Which Digital Marketing is a Must

Digital marketing is the most trending term for every business recently. Every business on the planet, big or small, is adopting digital marketing techniques and strategies. The traditional market, though, can’t be ignored; its importance is fading away compared to the emergence of digital growth. There were 700.0 million internet users in India at the start of 2023, whereas internet penetration stood at 50 percent of the population and is growing rapidly every day. India is home to 482.0 million social media users, equating to 35 percent of the total population. This statistic is good enough to focus on digital marketing if you are not already doing it. We would like to point out the important benefits of adopting digital marketing for your business. 1. Wider Audience: Social media or search engine presence will give you unlimited global reach opportunities, depending on the demographics you choose to target your customer base. 2. Reach Potential Customers Regularly: It will always be beneficial to identify your potential customers and engage them regularly. Targeting a potential target audience will yield better results for your organization’s reputation and sales. 3. Track and Measure: It’s hard to track your traditional marketing results. But with digital, you can track and analyze your website traffic; social media insights will give a better judgment of your efforts. 4. Customize your strategy: It’s never too late to make small or big tweaks to your digital strategy; you can quickly adapt to another way, so you don’t lose time and money waiting for things to happen. 5. Return on Investment: The ROI on digital spending is huge, so it would be a great decision to invest in digital marketing opportunities and see your business grow. Since you can measure your goals and target specific ones, your efforts will yield success. Websites, search engine optimization, social media management, paid advertising, influencer and affiliate marketing, email, SMS, and content marketing are some of the terms that should be on every digital marketer’s mind. In this article, we will try to analyze the top industry verticals that are growing their businesses by using digital marketing. 1. Real Estate and Property Consulting: On the top of the list are real estate players whose ticket size is high and whose spending on digital marketing real estate projects has seen an exponential rise as internet and social media usage has increased, and you can find the right audience who can affect the purchase or sale. 2. Chains, Restaurants, and Hotels: Businesses at the front of B2C space, be it hospitality chains, eateries on the roadside, authentic restaurants with great ambiance, or cloud kitchens, all need to be available and use social media to reach a wide audience. The space has a great level of competition, and being different and out of the box always adds value. 3. Beauty Salons and Spas: The beauty and salon space is very exciting. With modern lifestyle changes, people want to look great and be ready for special occasions. We have a few clients in this space, and we have seen how digital strategies have helped them stay ahead and be visible on searches as well as market their content on social media. 4. Education Institutes: Education institutes from kindergarten to post-graduation were quick to embrace digital teaching methods, with smart boards, mobile apps for communication, conducting exams online, and tracking students’ progress with tools. Because you can build your reputation online with your social media efforts, it’s important to stay ahead of the race and be friendly with parents and students by updating activities at school and recognizing performers. 5. Healthcare and Professionals: In healthcare facilities, doctors can use digital marketing to let customers know about facilities, digitize medical records, and ease doctor referrals. Healthcare professionals use YouTube to stay in touch with their client base with informative videos. 6. Event Planners: Event is a show business where they have to constantly update target customers on different events they conduct with digital marketing efforts. The business benefits as high-quality content builds its credibility online and makes it easy for customers to decide in their favor. 7. Automobile Showrooms: We have seen that automobile dealers, be it cars or two-wheelers, have quality customers, and in a business where competition is huge, it makes sense to build your brand online with digital content, be it on websites, YouTube, or other social media channels. 8. Jewelers: Jewelers spend huge money on traditional ways like hoarding, brochures, TV commercials, etc. Of late, it has been observed that jewelry showrooms or multiple chains rely more on digital marketing efforts by running ads in addition to their traditional efforts. 9. Trainers and Business Coaches: After covid Professional trainers and business coaches have adopted a digital way of conducting online webinars, marketing via YouTube channels, and promoting on social media. Any individual who is professional needs to work on their online reputation management, which is the current trend. 10. Start-ups: All start-ups in the early stages have no option but to build their brand on social media and search engines, as it’s the least affordable way of ensuring you are reaching out to your audience to connect with them about your products and services. Eneblur Consulting, as a responsible digital marketing company, has expertise working with some of the key clients from the above business verticals. While we don’t limit ourselves to the above verticals, we have specialized digital marketing strategies for each one of them. Delivering good ROI for each client demands the right strategies be in place. We are doing just that by acquiring fresh leads or executing sales, which is one of the most crucial aspects that ought to be addressed by a struggling small business.

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