Top 10+ Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers 2024

Top 10+ Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers 2024

Are you looking to for digital marketing interview questions? Then, you must be wondering about the digital marketing interview process and what questions they will ask you. Well, every company has a different format for interviewing their candidates. There is no standard format that companies follow. They test your knowledge of digital marketing and also check your technical skills to ensure you are the right candidate for their company or not. Apart from this, the company may also ask various related questions to understand your work ethic and more. If you have completed a digital marketing course, passing a technical and personal interview will be a breeze. However, it is understandable that you are nervous. So, in this blog, we will discuss the digital marketing interview questions that most companies seem to ask. Hopefully, it will prepare you for landing your dream job. 12 Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions Question 1: What do you understand about digital marketing? Answer: Digital marketing is an umbrella term inclusive of all marketing forms using electronic or internet devices. Digital marketing includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, viral marketing, and link building. Question 2: What is content marketing? Answer:   Content marketing is a marketing approach focusing on creating and sharing valuable, consistent, and relevant content. The goal of content marketing is to attract your target audience and retain them. Through content marketing, you not only pitch sales but also focus on providing useful and informative content to your customers. In short, share content that solves issues in their professional or personal lives. From email marketing to social media marketing to SEO and PR, everything uses and requires a content marketing strategy. Question 3: What do you mean by responsive website design? Answer:  Firstly, a responsive website is a site that works and adapts well to any screen, irrespective of its size. For instance, a responsive site will adapt to mobile devices, smart watches, desktops, and even laptops. A responsive website design implies that all the elements of your website, like texts, images, or videos, will adjust automatically to the device the user is accessing the site on. With a responsive design, the resolution of every element, from menus to videos, will change as per the device to give the user an exceptional user experience. Lastly, while designing a template for a responsive design, mobile should be your focus, as most visitors use mobile to access the site. Question 4: Why do businesses prefer digital marketing over a traditional one? Answer: The top reasons businesses prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing are: It is cost-effective. It has more reach. Better ROI It increases brand awareness. It increases engagement with the brand.   Question 5: Name some digital marketing channels. Question 5: Name some digital marketing channels.

Answer: Social media marketing. Email marketing. PPC/Paid search. Search engine optimization (SEO) Content marketing. Word of mouth or referrals. Affiliate marketing. Display and video. Question 6: What is the importance of keywords in SEO? Answer : Keywords are essential for SEO as they ensure a website appears at the top of SERPs for queries relevant to the site. (Justify your answer with the knowledge you gathered from a digital marketing course from a reputed institute like JSDM.) Question 7: Explain the difference between on-page and off-page SEO. Answer: On-page SEO refers to optimizing the website to increase its ranking. The on-page SEO activities include internal linking, enhancing page loading speed, meta tags, keyword use, description, and improving site structure. Off-page SEO is optimizing the website for higher traffic and ranking by working on other blogs and websites to improve your website’s traffic. For this, SEO experts delve into creating quality backlinks, directory listings, guest blogging, and so on. (Note: This is a basic answer. It is a common question, and answering it with examples is essential. Question 8: What is Google Adwords Remarketing? Question 8: What is Google Adwords Remarketing?

Answer :  Google remarketing, or retargeting, is a technology that enables your Google advertisements to follow potential target customers across the web as the customer moves. When a visitor comes, a remarketing code on a business website will add them to your remarketing list. Then, as the user visits another site using the Google ad network, the customer gets ads from the previous site. Google allows a brand to customize the remarketed ads to ensure you can choose who sees them. This way, you get to prioritize existing or new customers. Question 9: What do you understand about PPC and what is the conversion rate in PPC? Answer: PPC is pay-per-click marketing, which is running advertisements on the website. Also, the marketers pay a significant amount if a user clicks on it. Note: Freshmen and professionals will have to answer this question differently. Freshers should know what PPC is and how to run the campaign. The hiring community will expect the professionals to know more in-depth about PPC. JSDM ensures to teach aspiring candidates everything about PPC. The PPC conversion rate is the percent of the PPC traffic that turns into paying consumers. For instance, if a brand generates 100 clicks per month from their PPC ads and, from these 100 clicks, 10 visitors buy a product, the conversion rate is 10%. Question 10: Tell me the difference between dofollow and nofollow. Answer: Dofollow links let crawlers follow a link and give it a boost from SERPs, letting it pass the link juice to its destination site. Eg: ABC Nofollow links do not allow crawlers to follow any link. That means no passing on the link juice to the destination site. Eg: ABC Question 11: Why do you want to join digital marketing? Answer: This question’s answer will depend on individuals. However, here is a snippet of what you can answer. I chose digital marketing as a career because it is a lucrative career offering a variety of career paths. I can choose to specialize in SEO, become a social media marketer, or even become an expert in pay-per-click advertising. The demand for digital marketing is increasing as every business wants to have a strong online presence. Thus, I want to be part of a growing industry that can even help me start my own business or work remotely and earn highly. Question 12: How do I increase page loading speed? Answer: Ensuring the website design is simple Optimizing images to decrease their size without compromising quality Reducing redirects Reducing browser caching Apart from preparing for these questions, keep in mind a few other things, like: Understand the requirements and role of the job you are applying for too. Have a pitch explaining the value you can bring to their company. Research the company and understand its brand. Conclusion Here’s hoping these questions help you crack your digital marketing interview. Enrillong, an institute of digital marketing in Jaipur, can help you prepare better for your interview. That way, you will not only know the theory of the questions asked but also their practical implementation. So, if you want to upscale your skills, a certification course in digital marketing is an incredible idea. All the best for your interview!

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