Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies For the Healthcare Industry


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The majority of the world today didn’t anticipate the shift towards digital. Even if they did, we didn’t see it happening so quickly and at such a rapid pace. Over the years, the healthcare industry has also hopped up on the digital marketing bandwagon. 

Did You Know

According to Google, 50% of people look up information online before consulting a doctor.

In this blog, we have listed the top 10 digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry.


Just like every other industry, the Healthcare industry faces immense competition in the digital market. The increase in competition is testimony that health specialists can reach a larger audience and extend their service to a larger audience. 

If you’re still wondering how digital marketing can help healthcare providers, I will give you three reasons that can convince you to start adopting a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Now that you know how necessary it is, let’s discuss the top digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry:

#1 Your website is your BFF

The first step towards building your digital healthcare business is to develop your website. You must have spent days and weeks finalising the infrastructure of your hospital. Similarly, you must decide the features of your website very carefully. 

People will stick around only if your website is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. Use simple and readable fonts, primary colors, and a simple layout. Make sure your website says everything people need to know about your business.

#2 Listen to Google. Worship them

Google is always coming up with new ways to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. As a result, it keeps changing the guidelines and revising the factors for ranking. As a business trying to rank higher in the list, you must be informed of these changes and make subsequent changes. 

Google also introduces new features constantly. To rank yourself high on Google, you must use all their features and use them correctly.

#3 Are you talking to people via email?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a rapport with your customers and make them come back to your website. This method undoubtedly brings the most return on your investment. You can get information regarding new potential customers through contact forms and newsletters. Hence, is the most important digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry.

Emails are a great way to inform your customers about a new service added by your hospital, a doctor’s latest achievement, or just wish them a happy new year. Make sure to try and bring them to your website through your emails. 

#4 Social media

Social media is a great communication portal to engage with your patients and build a personal bond with them. Social media will give your hospital a human persona that is more relatable to your patients. Make sure to include reels, going live on Instagram and Facebook, and making all sorts of posts in your digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry. 

You can include reviews in your social media that can build your reputation online. Responding positively to even negative feedback and comments is what will make your patients trust you.

#5 Focus on local SEO

As a hospital or a clinic, you have a defined set of people (those in and around your vicinity) you want to target. So, focusing on local SEO is more important for a hospital clinic. One of the first digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry would be to concentrate on region-related keywords. 

For example, if you are writing a blog about knee pain and are located in Chennai, your keyword must be “knee pain in Chennai.” This targets the audience that has knee pain in Chennai who are more likely to visit you.

Did You Know

According to a study by Knorex, 47% of people look up for more information about a doctor or a hospital before consulting them.

#6 PPC for quick results

SEO is a relatively slow process that shows results over a long period. The complete form of PPC is Pay per click advertising. You can promote paid advertisements on Google, and through that, make your business appear on top.

For example – If someone looks up “knee pain in Chennai,” you can pay Google to show your hospital or clinic on the top. 

Did You Know

On average, a healthcare provider gets back $3 on every dollar they spend on Google ads. (Source: Knorex). Hence, the digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry must include PPC;.

#7 Write blogs 

One habit taught in this generation is to look up symptoms online and find their treatment online instead of actually visiting the doctor. So, if your website can guide them in the right direction and give them sage advice, they will be able to trust you. 

Building this trust is essential so they will remember you and avail your services when required.

#8 Track and analyse your growth religiously

The only way to know if you need to keep going or changing your digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry is to keep a close eye on it. You can use free tools like Google Analytics to help you understand how your brand has grown through digital marketing. 

You can find out where your maximum traffic is coming from through these analytics tools – Google search, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, you can understand where most of your traffic is coming from and spend more of your time and money on it. 

#9 Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry. Every person today has a mobile phone in their hand. That is where you must concentrate most of your marketing efforts. A study by Knorex noticed that 44% of people who get in touch with hospitals via their mobile phones end up booking an appointment.

Did You Know

You can also introduce mobile apps that people can download and use. In the same study, 19% of mobile users were found to have fitness apps on their mobile phones.

#10 Pay attention to your landing page

The last and one of the most important digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry is handling your landing page.

Your landing page has a lot of influence on people. You must ensure to showcase what exactly your product/service can bring to your customers through your landing page. The quality of your landing page will decide if your consumer moves to the next page or goes back and chooses another website.

A brief description, any discounts you provide, and a call to action are some of the things you can add to a landing page.

Using these digital marketing strategies for the healthcare industry will push up your sales and bring you to a good position. To get more help in strategizing your business, you can get the help of our company, echoVME.

echoVME is Chennai’s leading digital marketing agency that has helped businesses establish their digital visibility across industries. You can sit back and watch your healthcare business grow while we do it for you religiously.

Let us know which one of these strategies worked for you in the comments below. 

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