Top trending colours worldwide: Designers opting for fire and ice in 2020 – Digital Intelligence daily digital marketing research

The Shutterstock 2020 Color Trends report analysed billions of pixel data from images downloaded, and then mapping each pixel to its closest named hex code.

The report reveals which colors had the greatest growth between 2018 and 2019, as well as local favourites from around the world.

The three colours that have grown in popularity are:

• Lush Lava- #FF4500: a bold and fiery orange-red that quickly catches the eye—the noticeably warm colour will help companies draw attention to their brand.
• Aqua Menthe- #7FFFD4: a vivid, cyan-tinged mint shade that is perfect for conveying a playful, modern, and outgoing brand personality.
• Phantom Blue- #191970: a rich navy with significant depth, mimicking a dramatic night sky—ideal for more professional, mature brand look and feel.

Shutterstock’s 1.9 million customers include designers, marketers, creatives, and bloggers who are often working months in advance on campaigns and projects. Their download choices help to forecast trends in the year ahead.

“In a visually crowded media and advertising world, standing out is both an art form and a challenge for brands. Color is naturally a powerful tool in helping brands garner attention with their audiences in an effective and meaningful way,” said Lou Weiss, Chief Marketing Officer at Shutterstock. “As we look to 2020, the data shows a clear shift from the turbo-charged neons of 2019 to more elevated, bold, and saturated colors that command attention in a sophisticated way.”

In addition to the top three fastest-growing colors in popularity globally, the report also highlights the top trending color for 24 countries. From a mossy green in South Korea, to a dark orchid in Brazil, these shades show local favorites across different regions, which are also based on year-over-year growth.

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