Uganda’s 2ambale targets millennials with quick e-commerce platform

Ugandan e-commerce start-up 2ambale is targeting people in between the ages of 21 and 35 with its mobile app, which assures deliveries of orders within one hour.Founded in 2016, the Kampala-based deals a market through web and Android app, which enables users to quickly shop from clothing stores and have their products provided– apparently within just 60 minutes.”We supply a fast and hassle-free option to shopping for what to use from clothes stores around a city at no additional expense,”creator and president( CEO)Stephen Mutungi informed Disrupt Africa.”Our vision is to build the world’s design virtual wardrobe. We imagine a time when one can enter a city without any extra clothes but rely on our platform.

“2ambale, which is self-funded and charges sellers a 10 per cent commission on sales made through the platform, is targeting young business employees between the ages of

21 to 35, along with visitors to Kampala. It is presently taking around 500 orders per month, and intends to increase that to 1,000 by early next year.”Kampala is our very first and current market. We plan to broaden by replicating the same design for cities like Kigali, Nairobi, Mombasa and more across the continent,”Mutungi said.He said in an age where individuals were investing long hours at work, therewas a requirement for a platform that permitted people to go shopping without squandering time.”We get all these shops on to your phone through a mobile application so that you can purchase exactly what to wear right from yourworkstation,” stated Mutungi.The same requirement for convenience is behind the assured one-hour delivery. “Living in a time where if I have a question I just need to Google to obtain a response within minutes, why should I then wait on days simply to receive something I’ve purchased from within the very same city? This is the reason behind our one-hour deliveries,” he said.This ambitious promise will either make or break 2ambale, it appears, and how the startup fares will deserve keeping an eye on for other e-commerce businesses in Africa.The post Uganda’s 2ambale targets millennials with fast e-commerce platform appeared first on Disrupt Africa.

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