Understand Digital Marketing Coaching – Them You & Me Digital

Understand Digital Marketing Coaching - Them You & Me Digital

Truth be told, most people don’t even know where to start. And why should they? Especially because digital marketing isn’t familiar ground.

In a way, digital marketing coaching offers more of a concrete approach because you’re given a range of business tools, solutions, models and strategies to help, and to at least get you started. It is an ally for all owner-managers who have a lot to do, and lack the time to research the answers; they may not even know where to look for them.

In the midst of things, we tend to move too quickly to act.

We should refrain from rushing to actions right away even if it feels better to get moving and check things off the list. It is important to be aware and identify the real problems before we move forward. What is at the heart of the problem?

However, this inclination towards act is ingrained in us humans. In fact, it is even clearly outlined in the concept of the ACTION BIAS. Heard of it?

“The Action Bias describes our tendency to favor action over inaction, often to our benefit. However, there are times when we feel compelled to act, even if there’s no evidence that it will lead to a better outcome than doing nothing would.”
[The Decision Lab]

Though it may feel better doing something instead of doing nothing, doing ‘something’ in digital marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something right. And when you spend so much time, and invest so much into something, you tend to want to know, isn’t it?

A digital marketing coach will support you throughout your online journey and help you pause, take a step back and reflect on what you are doing, why and how. Digital marketing coaching is strategy vs reactivity. Refreshing isn’t it?

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