Upwork Going Public; Shows Maturation of Online Talent Market Industry

The online freelance skill market over 80%of their service originated from SMBs. That’s altered as enterprises have started to become significant users of online skill platforms.This is highlighted in Upwork’s filing, which states 10 percent of its general service came from a single, unnamed client in the six months that ended June 2018. It also states two customers each represented 10 percent of its profits in 2016 and 2017. Whoever those companies are, the certainly big enterprises. Upwork rival Fiverr is also thinking about going public.

That both Upwork and Fiverr have reached the size and scale to go public shows the maturation and growing value of the online skill marketplace industry.Data from the MBO Partners State of Self-reliance research study series (revealed listed below) on the growth of independent workers reporting utilizing online skill markets nicely illustrates this.

Making it clear online talent marketplaces are mainstream is nearly every study on talent management now mentions their use.A great example is HR services firm Mercer’s Worldwide Talent Patterns research study,but you can select up most any talent related study these days and you will discover it covers the growing use of online talent markets.

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